Which tech level of Oticon More


I’m being recommended by my audiologist the Oticon More range to help specifically with an audio processing issue when trying to understand speech in higher noise environments. They have suggested the More 3 and I’ve been doing a lot of reading but I’m wondering if the More 2 or maybe even More 1 might be more beneficial for me.

If it helps I have some loss around 1K and 8K

I used this PDF to compare:

And it would seem that the More 2 is probably a significant improvement. I’m wondering what others thoughts are on this.

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I have the More1 aids, and have very little issues with noisy environments. It all depends on your hearing loss. And how well your brain can separate speech from noise. You also have to understand that the More aids are picking up sounds from all around you. Each level of the More aids adds to their capability to help with noise. More3 having the least capability and the More1 the most capability. It also has to do with your audiologist in how well your audiologist can program your aids to your needs.


Thank you for your thoughts, I think it may be best if I at least go for the More2. The More1 is a little pricey. How do you find environments like supermarket carparks and bars with them? Those are places I struggle.

I live out in a Natural Forest, so when I use to go to the towns and cities the noise killed me. But that was before the More1 aids. Grocery shopping is great with the More1 aids, restaurants are so much easier than before the More1 aids. I have a jeep and road noise use to be really bad but not anymore. I have a Vespa scooter, a large one and I can now ride it without muting my aids. I love all nature sounds. I am not someone that goes to bars are concerts. But I do go to lectures and meetings and with the More1 I hear much better. I will never regain my normal hearing, it just isn’t possible.

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@rose1: It is, Rose. You may want to search some of my old threads for a ton of information on this subject.


@SpudGunner Thank you I’ll have a look at your threads.

@cvkemp thank you for sharing your experience its very useful

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This is odd as More 3 has less features to deal with higher noise environments which is your complaint?

You would have to read through the technical data to see that the More3 is definitely less than More2 and More2 is less than More1. There is less settings as you go to the lower levels from the More1 and down.

@Zebras yes I have now asked them to quote for More 2, I think More 1 will be a bit out of my price range.

@cvkemp I’ve got some of the technical data now, I think going mid-range will be best for what I need and my budget. At least if I don’t get along with them I can return them within six weeks and go for the higher tier.

I wish the best for you, to manage my noise needs my audiologist had to call upon everything that the More1 has to offer to get my speech understanding as good as it is. He actually started at the lesser setting and we worked up over a few weeks. It all depends on your hearing loss, environments, and experiences.

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@rose1: I thought the Ozzie governmint paid for your devices?

England not down under :wink: I would be waiting about a year for an NHS appointment, hence I’m going private.

Go with the best you can afford.
Seeing your audiogram would help making a recommendation.


@rose1: :open_mouth: Oh - sorry, Rose. I get the accents mixed up online!


I was fitted with More2’s about 4 months ago. These are my first HA’s.
I haven’t complained to my audiologist (yet) but plan to go on the record soon.
Hearing is definitely improved, whether high noise background or very quiet. What “bugs me” is that in high noise environments, the background noise seems to be UNNECESSARILY amplified. For example, while walking for exercise along a busy boulevard and listening to a podcast via bluetooth, I have to turn up the volume to “max” on the phone in order to understand most of the podcast’s speech because the passing traffic noise is amplified so much.

Hope that is useful feedback.

Your audiologist should be able to make some adjustments in the Gene2 software to help you. Make good notes that explain your issues and see your audiologist.

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That’s what the “Mute” function is for.
It shuts down the microphones so they don’t amplify the external sounds.


As @cvkemp said, have your audi adjust the phone volume, and bass settings in genie 2.