Which styles make my ears feel stuffed up

I’m just starting to think about HA. I had one appt last week with an audiologist, who explained to me that there are BTE and ITE styles, in broad terms, with variations within each category. I understand that much.

I’m not sure yet how to deal with my concern that my ears will feel stuffed up. As near as I can tell, either style will put something in my ear, so maybe it doesn’t matter that much, if at all?

I’d like to hear opinions and insights please, from anyone who has pros or cons to share with me on this subject, with respect to both styles.

Thx in advance.

If you have a copy of your hearing test results can you post them? Believe it or not, your particular hearing loss plays a major factor in how plugged your ears will be. Those with low frequency hearing loss will experience this more than those with high frequency losses.

Basically those with low frequency loss need a closed (no air vent) style dome to get the best benefit from hearing aids. The closed dome (or custom mold) is what gives you that stuffed ear feeling which causes the pressure feeling and makes your own voice sound weird.

While those with high frequency losses can have open domes (or molds) and do not have the same symptoms.

>Believe it or not, your particular hearing loss plays a major factor in how plugged your ears will be<

Really! I never would have thought of that!

My loss is at the high freq end in both ears. Esp when I listen to classical music, which I do a lot, I know I’m missing a lot of notes I used to hear just fine. In fact, much of what I listen to is stuff I played when I was young, so I KNOW what it’s supposed to sound like and I KNOW it no longer does, to me!

I did not get a copy of my audiogram at my one and only appt last week. I’ve made a note to call and get one. I’ll add it to my sig once I have it.

Thanks for your input!

Sounds like you’re a candidate for small BTE models with the receiver (the speaker, actually) in the ear. Look for models that handle music well. Mine have an automatic music mode that is quite good. With open domes, I have no stopped up ear feeling at all.

Depends also on the particular type of tip, or dome, the very end of the “speaker”. I use tulip domes and they are “open” but not as open as open domes. Open domes have holes or slits all the way around, somewhat like a wagon-wheel. The tulips have two “petals” that slightly overlap. Tulips and open domes are very comfortable for me, no stopped up feeling. I can’t feel my tulips once they are in.

I can tell you music sounds very good with mine but most major brands are going to give you good sound once you get a few adjustments to fine tune them. The key thing is more the person doing the adjustments than the brand/model. If you can work with and communicate with the pro and they seem to be expert in the model they recommend, you will probably get just what you need.