Which retail chain to shop at?

Hi all,

I am new to this board and the world of hearing aids, and I have noticed a lot of discussion about online HA shops. I personally am a little bit apprehensive about shopping online, so I was hoping people could share their experience about some of the retail chains.

I am wondering what the best retail chains are? (I prefer shopping at chains because I find they have lower costs than single locations, and it helps to be able to return/adjust at a different store since I travel a lot.)

Also, winter is fast approaching. I currently live in New York but I will be leaving for Florida in a month. Are there different chains in the two regions? Would it make a difference where I buy?

Sorry for not having done any preliminary research on my own… I just want to be informed before going to the store.


I would say, look for a audi with good credentials who supports your specific
brand of instruments, Try to see what procedures/ services are included.
Look for someone which offers not only the basic audiometric test but also
some sort of verificiation such as real ear,…
I wouldnot rule all other independent audis or HIs


thank you very much xbulder

I guess it is true that the quality of the audi is the most important factor. I will keep that in mind.

do remember a good audi or his will listen carefully to what your needs are
and he/she should recomend the aid that is most appropiate given the constrains. Generally it is a good thing to discuss about realistic expectation…
pediatrics audis tend to have excelent counseling skills and patients …

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I recommend Beltone. To help with my high frequency hearing loss I’m wearing Beltone’s Edge2 Digital. Good price, great service and they run their business in a professional manner. So many of the independent I saw were seemingly “fly by night” operations. I published a more detailed thread regarding my entire shopping experience. Here is a link - http://www.hearingaidforums.com/showthread.php?t=1423

Good Luck

what is true for the individual may not be true for the whole
hence, I encourage you to evaluate all the alternatives…
and buy what is best based on the services offered, convenience, price, etc…


Everyone’s experience with chains will not be the same.

Keep in mind that many if not most Beltone dealers are independently owned, thus an experience in one store may be different in another.

Thus the need to evaluate each audi/dispenser individually and ensure that they really have your best interests at heart is important.

You made a good point Admin. While I have been on the band wagon for Beltone someone else may experience just the opposite. I had intended to purchase Oticon Delta’s. Had it not been for the perceived poor business practices of the independent Oticon dealers I am almost certain that I would now be wearing Delta’s.


This is perhaps WHY counseling is such a big thing!
I would expect a lot of tools develop in the near future.
Certainly Procounsel is one of the best things I have seen
so far… It is public knowledge that Oticon is going to release
a Counseling tool for children … And hopefully the Ecaps (oticon tool)
will be receive a much needed Make over…
The Solus counceling tool is very rudimentary… Perhaps in time they will get something good…

I resently bought a Aurical AVS, which has not only hearing loss but also hearing aid simulator, most of my clients are quite surprise …
One of the best features ever, is that there is a hearing aid simulator for their client love ones… So that they can concurr that binaural is superior!

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