Which one phonak audeo yes V or ix

I have to get my first HA’s my audio said to get the phonak audeo yes ix but it is $4390 each (Aust) and the V’s are $3,190. What is the real difference between them. I teach 7 year olds and need them for use in the classroom. Is there enough difference to warrant the extra $2,00 in cost. I go back to see him in 2 weeks.

I got my Yes V’s just over a year ago and am pleased with their performance. These were also my 1st HA’s and after doing a bunch of research I came in to the audi I selected and told her I wanted the Phonak Yes IX models. After seeing the correction I needed, she indicated I only needed the V model. So the answer may be in whether the IX can offer better hearing correction. My recollection was they offered more features, but the basic engine of the HA were the same as the V. For example, if you want to be able to control the direction you are listening to (in a car for example), then you need to go with the iX model. You will need to buy the myPilot for that option to work however.