Which one is better, Phonak V70 or Phonak B50?

My friend had some Phonak Nathos Auto from the NHS. They are basically the V70.

He’s since bought some Phonak Sky B50 UPs from Boots Hearing Care in the UK.

I’m trying to work out if wearing a V70 would be better then wearing a B50?

From the research, the Venture and Belong Hearing Aids are the same or am I wrong, It’s really hard to tell from looking on google?

I suspect the V70 would have slightly better processing in noise. My understanding is that the major difference between V and B series was that in V series only Naida had SR2 and it was available in all models of B series.


There’s usually a 50, 70, and 90. All the same models but each number as you go up may add additional features. Which you need depends on your loss

Consider the M90 hearing aid, but it’s cheap, only $ 2,850 a pair