Which of These is a Good TV Listening System for Hearing Impaired?


My mother used Humantechnik’s Swing IR TV listening system and after using it for over a year, one earbud had its plastic part cracked, then glued back but soon the electronics went bad.

There is Etta’s TV system headset and there is Etta’s TV system neckloop (50% more expensive). There is also Sonumaxx 2.4GHz and Humantechnik’s Sonumaxx 2.4GHz PR (15% more expensive)

My mom has pacemaker installed by the way so I don’t know if neckloop causes interference to pacemaker’s operation. I am not sure though I wonder which of the above is of higher quality and reliability.


I’ve never used such a thing, but trying a regular BlueTooth transmitter to send signals from our TV to my hearing aids I found that there was an annoying lag between the picture (lip movements) and the received sound. A similar problem may exist with some of those TV listening systems as well; you might have to try a few different ones.
The neck loop is only a receiving antenna, so I’d be surprised if there were any effect on a pacemaker.

Does your mother have hearing aids? Does she use them? I guess with mention of a neckloop she does.

I can hear alright with the aids with the spouse having their preferred volume level. But the proprietary tv device is a marvel. Seems the KS10’s don’t support aptx. I tried an aptx bluetooth transmitter but got lag. Or what’s also called lip-sync. Some tv’s can adjust that out though. Mine doesn’t. But then others watching naturally at the same time would be out of sync.

Bluetooth transmitter and receiver that use aptx and then to headphones work well. Or even just bluetooth headphones with aptx and the transmitter. If you have optical out on the tv or amp then that won’t affect other people watching the way using the headphone jack out of the tv or amp would.

There was no lag whatsoever in Swing IR. It’s infrared signal while models I mentioned initially have radio signal. Not sure there will be a lag.

Neckloop is said to cause Interference with some pacemakers. I tried to contact manufacturer but could not find the right way to do it. Their website is a corporate labyrinth that does not seem to have method for end consumers to contact them.

She has one hearing aid unit only because she hears better with the other ear. She never used neckloop. Swing IR that she used didn’t have it and it was connected to a TV’s optical output.

Ideal is hearing aids that stream from a TV Connector that streams to them, but that’s pretty expensive. I was quite satisfied with TV Ears for quite a few years. They did eventually break but they lasted well over 10 years.

How about trying closed caption

There are various models of Sennheiser FM listening systems as well. My mother-in-law’s broke down recently (or so she says, I’ll have to check). We were trying to work out when she got it. About 6 years ago we think. That’s not bad.