Which is newer? Pure or Motion (Siemens)

In the next few days I am going to be ordering some new hearing aids. I currently have a 5 year old pair of Resound Air CICs that seem to be going down hill (have had them repaired twice). I have been researching for a new pair and think I would like Siemens Pure 500 or 700 CICs, but I have noticed the Motions 500 or 700 models seem to be the same thing. I am wondering which is the newer model and which you would choose if price were not a factor.

I have been searching the forum here tonight and have seen alot of post about speech recognition problems and tuning difficulty of these HAs. These post seem fairly old (2008) and I am wondering if tuning has improved over the past couple years. I am planning on purchasing from a place that is a two hour drive and am now fairly worried about this aspect, as I have never been to this person (the price is great, so I was willing to give him a try). Will having a TEK help me get the HAs to a point I can enjoy them if this new tuner doesnt work out so well?

Thanks for any insite,

Both aids use exactly the same technology, but the Motion was released a bit later than the Pure to fill in a gap in the product line up. The Pure is smaller and is receiver in the canal and has no volume control onboard, where the Motion does. The Pure also does not have a telecoil, so you need to decide if you want small size or larger size with more flexibility and possibly less comfort. Both aids have volume learning so you can sort of teach the aids your preferred volume yourself. Siemens does however still have some issues with feedback so a custom mould might be a better options if your loss is higher than 60dB in the high frequencies.

It is nearly 2010 and the same problems remain.

o Poor low voice performance
o Hard to program.

The Motions come with on aid controls for volume and program if you choose that option.
The Smarts do not

I recently went in looking for Pure CICs but ended up with Motion CICs. I was told that they have the same functionality but the Motions have a bit more gain, so were able to match my loss with more room to spare than the Pure’s would have given me. They were both CICs, so I think size is the same, and neither would have had an on instrument volume control. I use Tek for that. So far pretty happy, though I can’t get my phone to stream music via the Tek, and phone use sounds muddy to the person on the other end.

I dont have my hearing readout, but its the high freqencies that I have trouble hearing, at least that what I have the most difficulty with. Its womens voices and people trying to wisper with me that I really cant hear. When you say they have low voice performance, do you mean that they HAs are great for bringing sound to life but are not so good at making voices clear, or do you mean the lower voice tones that dont sound so clear?

The Seimens Motions are great in noisey environments like a bar etc.

They are not good with "womens voices and people trying to wisper ".
I found the Widex Mind 440s to be FAR superior in that environment.

I think part of this may be due to programming, although I had a Siemens advisor come to the audiologists office with me to finalize it.
So it’s the HAs.

You might find this Siemens Family Guide PDF file useful.