Which is more advanced in technology, AB or Cochlear?

Which technology is more advanced, AB or cochlear。

It depends on what is important to you! I’ve got a friend with 2 N7s (cochlear) and a friend with 1 x Naida CI (AB). It really depends on what you want!

That is complicated, they use different approaches to how they handle processing and transmitting the signal to the cochlear. AB is due for an upgrade to their processors when they will probably get the same Bluetooth technology that Phonak has, but no word on the timing. Med-El just updated theirs. It looks like Cochlear is working on a new version of their off ear one and based on their past history will probably of an update for their on ear one in a year or two.

All three (probably all 4, but Oticon doesn’t offer CIs in the States) update their processors and implants on a regular basis so which one is the most advanced may boil down to who came out with a new one most recently and that changes frequently. Based on what I have seen new processors roll out about every 4 years give or take.

If you can give us a better idea of what you are looking for I might be able to give you a better answer.


@pathurley thank you. I’m just a bit curious about which is more advanced, Q90 and N7S, and I’m curious about your opinion.

Without a better definition of advanced it is really hard to nail it down. The N7 was launched in 2017 and the Q90 in 2016, so the N7 probably has slightly more recent chips in it, but I am not certain it makes that much difference. The regulatory approvals for CI are much stricter then for hearing aids so you won’t find them using cutting edge electronics.

Unfortunately there is no real way to compare performance. Oh you can find data sheets that will let you compare frequencies and signal strength and all that, but a person can try and compare them like you can a hearing aid. So which method works best is guesswork, they all work but is one better then the other, who knows. (Although the general rule is that a recipient will always tell you that the brand the have is the best).

I went back and forth between the Q90 and N7 for several months trying to decide which to go with, and if Med-Els Sonnet 2 had been out I would have added that to the mix. In the end for me what I really wanted was a mix of all three but the deciding factor was not technology but that the local audiologists had experience with Cochlear and not the others. I think any of the three would do fine but each would be a different experience. I have done well with the N& and am happy with my choice.

If you could define what you mean by more advanced a little more then I can try to dig into that.

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@pathurley thank you. Excuse me, do you think T-Mic is useful? Is this T-Mic redundant after having Bluetooth?

@Zebras Are you a cochlear user? How do you feel?

@pathurley @Zebras By the way。。I want to know the user forum of @ cochlear.com, do you know?

The T-mic is one of the things I liked about the Q90. Since I didn’t end up getting it in the end I can’t say if it really helps the way they say it does but the AB users I have talked to generally love it.

As to the Bluetooth question, the nice thing about the T-mic is that you can just use any phone or headset naturally without having to pair it. Since I can bounce around offices sometimes for work this would be a real advantage, although I am doing fairly well with my N7.

I have also had enough frustration with Bluetooth in general that I find having other options important.

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Unfortunately Cochlear, at least the US site, does not have a forum. It seems like they used to but there isn’t one now. I don’t know why they stopped and I think it would be useful, but that’s their choice.

@pathurley Cochlear Australia doesn’t have a forum either.

I’m a N7/Resound bimodal user, I love the fact that everything streams directly to my ears when on the phone, or when I’m using Live listen on my iPhone.

All 3 implant companies now have MRI compatible arrays.
Not all 3 have direct streaming compatibility to the best of my knowledge, I could be wrong. AB pair with Phonak and Cochlear pair with Resound. To the best of my knowledge Med-el don’t have a HA that they can pair with easily, not without extra accessories. @Dani can you help with Med-el please.

But I’m very glad I chose Cochlear over AB seeing AB have had some recalls in the last 12 months.

@Deaf_piper @pathurley Thank you for your answers. Unfortunately, cochlear does not have its own user forum。

From what I can tell, yes. And it is a very useful feature when talking to someone in noise.

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You didn’t post your audiogram.
If you don’t want a BTE then you can choose Kanso from Cochlear (or Rondo from Med-EL). AB does not have a single-unit processor.
If your hearing is so that you need a CI in the upper frequency-range and a Hearing-Aid for low frequencies then you may choose the combination of CI+HA, called EAS. Only AB and Med-EL offer this combination. On the other hand all manufacturer are able to only stimulate high frequencies while you hear low frequencies without amplifying as original sound through your eardrum.
Using Cochlear you can listen to your iPhone (and in parts with Android, too) without any additional hardware.
As Deaf_piper already said there is no HA-manufacturer that works together with Med-EL. But Phonak does with AB and ReSound with Cochlear. From what I can read on a german forum the cooperation between the latter is better - at the moment. (There exists Oticon in combo with Neurelec but not in the US).
If you would like to have the best technical specification to hear then I ask: which cube is better to roll with: the red, green or blue one?
There is no mercedes among the CI manufacturers - as there is no german CI manufacturer :stuck_out_tongue:
Cochlear - Australia, Med-EL - Austria, AB - founded in the USA.
You should keep in mind that you have to visit your audiologist a couple of times so don’t choose the one with which you will always have a long jouney. I have choosen the one which my surgeon is most experienced with.


@Dani thank you dani

@phobos512 you say “there’s less incentive to develop new stuff”。

AB has not released a new processor for five years, and the Q90 is 2015. Curious about the characteristics of the next generation processor.

@phobos512 Temporal Resolution (Stimulation Rate)、Spectral bands、Case Impact Resistance、Input Dynamic Range,Pitch percepts。

These parameters are the other two highest.

There have been rumors that AB has a new processor on the way, probably with Phonak’s Bluetooth technology. But it hasen’t happened yet and their recall of their implants may have set it back.

@pathurley Is it directly connected to iPhone like n7? Will Apple cooperate with AB? Phonak’s Bluetooth technology is 2.0, and n7 is 5.0 Bluetooth. 2.0 embedded in the processor will consume more power. . .

@pathurley 2013 910, 2016 kanso, 2017 1000, 2021 1150 (kanso2), the cochlear processor changes too fast