Which is Better

I have a Noizfree Bettle Bluetooth device with 2 induction hooks. It is nice, but does anyone know which is better:
Noizfree Bettle, Artone, MaxIT

I wished HATIS came out with a bluetooth version of their MACH II earpiece, but for now there is no such luck.

If you have any opinions on any or all of these devices please post.



We have tested many bluetooth neckloops and have found the Artone neckloops are, in our opinion, the best. It is much smaller than the Maxit units and the bluetooth setup is super simple.

We have many patients who use it every day, with great battery life, and it is very small and lightweight.

The thing a lot of our patients didn’t like with earhook loops were that there was always a wire hanging down from your ear(s). Same with the directlink type of plug devices.

The Artone units are wireless it just feels like you are wearing a necklace and can be worn under your clothing, thus allowing free movement.

I also love the voice dial functions…I link it with my Blackberry Pearl and can voice dial and end the call all while 30 ft away from my phone!

Thanks for the response

Where is the mic on the Arctone? If you have touchless t-coils, will it trigger the t coil mode when a call comes in on your cell (when it is paired)?:confused:

Hello, I’m new in this forum. A found it recently googling with the keywords “neckloop + bluetooth”. I wear hearing aids since childhood. In the moment I’m equipped with the Phonak MicroPower V 300 dAZ. One year ago I tried out the Smartlink System of Phonak, but I was disapointed in the reliability of the bluetooth device. Besides that aspect the price was much too high! Therefore I have read with interest the posts in this forum about the alternative and much cheaper types of bluetooth neckloops such as Artone, MaxIt etc. I found them very helpful, especially the posts regarding the question which one is the best.
Concering the artone neckloop I have no practical experience but I know that the weak point of many bluetooth devices are the build-in batteries. What happens when the batteries are on the fritz? In this context I find that the conception of removable batteries in the MaxIt device is not a bad idea at all. Recently I found an interesting web site for technical equipment for hearing aid wearers which has published a table comparing different types of bluetooth neckloops: http://www.tecear.com/Neck%20loop%20ear%20hook%20guide.htm
This table and the descriptions on the site were very helpful for me to make the choice. One criterion was the newest Bluetooth Version V2.0 and the other one was the removable battery. I’m also aware that the the MaxIt neckloop weights with 25gr. twice as much as the Artone. But I cannot imagine that 12gr. more weight are really such a problem.
I hope that the inductive flield of the neckloop is strong enough to trigger the t-coil automatically. The Microlink System of Phonak was so strong that when a phonecall came in the T-coil automatically swiched on immediately (without loosing additional time to switch on the t-coil manually). The “autotrigger” capability of a neckloop would be very interesting to me! In this context I would like to ask if someone in this forum has experience concering this special feature? I have ordered the MaxIt loopset and I will report my experience to this forum later on.

Admin, is there any difference in the sound quality/volume between the Artone and MaxIt neckloops?

As for the sound quality, I couldn’t detect any difference.

The size is the main concern I had (the MAXIT is pretty bit), as well as the fact you have to remove the aaa battery to charge was a turn-off.

It seemed a little harder to use…I can’t remember if it can do voice dial either.

To me, I would think that having the power source in a “aaa” battery would be a plus. In this way you can always have a charged back up battery. With my artone and its integrated battery, if it is dead, I have to wait for it to charge back up. If the power is in a battery, you simply switch out the battery when power dies and your back in business instantly.

Has anyone tried the Blue Freedom from DirectLink? It is supposed to be a bluetooth device that connects your BTE to your cell phone. They even have a stereo version.