Which is best? ITE or BTE?

I have a moderate to severe nerve deafness and my current hearing aids are probably ten years old (ITCs). I’m looking for a replacement, but wondered which configuration would be best. ITE or BTE? I’m kinda vain, so ITEs seem kinda ugly to me. I wished they looked more stylish like the newer BTEs.

So, after some research I narrowed it down to two brands:

Oticon Sumo DM
Phonak Savia Art

I know these are both BTEs, but I haven’t found a ITE that looks “cool”. :slight_smile:

Any help or suggestions?

  • Colton

I don’t know of any ITE’s that look great. I don’t think I have ordered an ITE in years, as I would rather my patient wear a BTE with a nice earhook and earmold instead.

The Savia ART BTE’s are really cool and can be ordered in all kinds of colors. Oticion also has color choices, yet not quite as many as the open fit Delta’s they have with probably 50 different color combinations.

You may also want to look at the Phonak Micro Power, which can be a really cool aid too.

Hope this helps you out.

Let us know what you end up with!