Which hearing aid vendors are available in China?

My wife is Chinese who now lives in America. Her father still lives in China and we talk on video sometimes. He obviously needs hearing aids. Do any of the people on this forum know if they have any access to HA vendors there?

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Hi Dan…. Probably the largest manufacturers of hearing aids in the world? Most of the west’s main makers outsource from China, but they also make their own brand’s for the home market, and they are rapidly expanding into the western market…. Cheers Kev :wink:

I wasn’t talking/asking about the manufacturer of HAs. I was asking about outlets which would test hearing and supply the aids to individuals.

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Perhaps your wife could phone some of these manufacturers…… And inquire about any dispensers in his locality…… Hence the link :wink:

i’m a German, and living in China since 10 years. I was living 7.5 years in Shanghai, and now i’m living in Changchun. I was able to buy my Phonak Audeo M50-312T here in Changchun without any problems. Normally all bigger Cities in China will have the hearing aid outlets. The hearing can be checked in a hospital (normal for China), and also in this outlets.
For me the service was ok.
I think your wife should be able to figure out more details about this.
Regards Claus


Welcome to the forum @claus…… I didn’t think we would have anyone living in China, and members of this forum, because of my “perhaps imagined” internet restrictions, I am glad to see I was wrong…. Cheers Kev :wink:

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I’ve heard from somebody who visited China regularly that internet is avallable but that access to many websites is restricted. However this is apparently readily overcome by using VPN.

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since i’m living more then 10 years in China, i know how to handle some restricted websites.
And yes, VPN is a helping tool on this. :wink:
@kevels55, Thanks for your welcome.


Yeah @MDB & @claus, tis something that has always interested me, how governments impose internet censorship, with VPN on the go? I am an avid user of VPN, not because I believe in doing anything dodgy, I have never even contemplated using the dark web, I am curious about it, but I have no urge to go there…. I use VPN basically because, I don’t want to give internet companies my data or information easily, especially without my permission…. I don’t use VPN exclusively though, but I do use Nord a fair bit of the time…. I would imagine, with 1 in 7 folks having some form of hearing loss, China has the largest population of HOH on the planet, per head of it’s population, which equates to way over 100 million HOH, are you saying Claus, you have to visit a Audioligist/ENT department to be assessed, before you can get hearing aids? Or can you just visit any dispenser, and get a test done there? Cheers Kev :wink:

How to say,
Actually, it’s free up to the person to get a test and hearing aids direct from a dispenser.
In my case, i lost my hearing quality on the left ear in case of a small but good tumor in my back head close to the hearing nerves. After removing this small tumor, my hearing on the left side still was bad, so i decide to go for an hearing aid to a dispenser.

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Thank you Claus for that information…. Sorry to hear you had a tumour, I hope all is well now, hopefully your Phonak aids can help to accommodate your loss. Are hearing aids expensive in China, relative to income? Are you able to trial hearing aids, and if so, did you try any of the Chinese manufacturers brands? Cheers Kev :wink:

Thanks, so far everything is fine for me.
To your questions:

  1. You must understand, that everywhere in the world the income of people can be so different.
    For some it must be expensive, for others not. As an example, for factory workers coming from the country side, it must be extreme expensive relative to the income.
    For me it was ok :wink:
    The prices are almost the same comparable to other countries, even a little bit more expensive.
  2. I did not try any local manufacturers brand

He can easily find outlets in China that sell hearing aids, we call them hearing aid stores or hearing centers, there are even two in my town, but those outlets usually do not provide good service.