Which hearing aid dryer should I choose?

Perfect Dry Lux and the Dry & Store Global
Why would I choose one over the other?
Which is the newer or more up to date model?

I keep thinking I don’t need a dryer, but then I think why not? It might help and probably won’t hurt…

I have used both and I now use Perfect Dry Lux that was provided to me by the Veterans Administration. The Dry and Store I had first and used for about 12 years also was provided by the VA and it too was great. It all depends on your needs. I am very active and I sweat a lot, and I also live in a very humid area of the US. So I use it every night. If you don’t sweat a lot and don’t live in a humid area then more than likely you will not need it.

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I use a Dry and Store Breeze which looks like the Global but without the UV lamp.

I wouldn’t be without my Dry and Store. It’s saved my hearing aids many times.

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I bought a Dry & Store Professional many years ago to stop the itchy ear problems I was having using aids. This dryer helps with that big time.
I also have never had an aid failure. Not sure if that has anything to do with using a dryer every night or not. I do see moisture in the aids sound tubes before placing them in the dryer. In the morning there is no moisture in the tubes.
Hearing aid dryers are absolutely cheap insurance for expensive aids. To me it’s a no brainer to use one.


I don’t use either. I bought the Hal-Hen Dryer that Costco sells at the hearing aid counter (at least here in Canada) for about $20. It does not require a plug in, and simply uses a desiccant to dry your aids overnight. I was a bit worried that it would require regeneration using a microwave or oven frequently. It does not. I have had it for 7 months or so now and still no regeneration required. It only takes a minute or two in the microwave in any case to restore it.

The only slight issue I have had is traveling by air when the dryer is in my carry on bag. Once I had the guy on the scanning machine flag it and question what it is. The reality is that the desiccant does look a lot like ammonium nitrate fertilizer which can be used to make bombs. I was sure hoping the security guy did not know that! I explained that it was just to dry my hearing aids. He read the label and let me go with it. The next time I went through security I pulled it out of the bag and put it in the tray beside the bag, like liquids, and it went right through.


I use the same dryer Hal-Hen dryer for years now. I no longer take in when flying for just that reason. The first time the security pulled it out and wiped it down (jar) with a cloth that was looking for Bomb/gun residue. I’d t f,y that often or gone that long so I just have my HA case with me.

I’ve had one of these guys in service now for 10 years. Best looking dryer on a dresser by far (IMO). Bought it from the guy who originally made these. Look like they’ve gone mainstream:

I have had the same issue with carrying powdered Metamucil in my carry on. One security guy said it looks like liquid on the scanner. So now I take that along with my dryer out of my carry on. They never seem to check it when it is not inside the bag.

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I asked the same question through the web site, and here’s the answer I got from Oaktree Products

"Would probably recommend the Perfect Dry Lux. It is a newer model and you do not need to purchase the bricks every two months. Both units have a UV light and forced air. Also the Perfect Dry Lux has a 3 year warranty versus the one year warranty of the Dry N Store Global. "

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Renew makes one if the best dryers.
Very durable and they keep your devices dry and kill bacteria with the UV light.

I use a Dry and Store Global II and am very happy with it. I used to wear my hearing aids only intermittently due to itching and after reading a dehumidifier may help I did some research and bought one with good reviews. The Global II completely eliminated the itching, I now wear my HA all day every.

I can’t speak to any other model, or whether or not the UV light is necessary, I can only tell you it works.