Which HA?

At present I’m trialling a Starkey Destiny 1600 CIC but I’m impressed by what I’ve read about the Oticon Epoq and Phonak Audeo and was wonderingif they would be any good for severe high frequency hearing loss.

the epoq is a complete family of aids froma CIC to a RITE and a BTE
the epoqs is a complete different animal than the Audeo (the audeo should be compaare to a Delta aid - i think the audeo should outperform the delta in fact)… Do remember that Epoqs only cover up to 80 dbhl and you can get them in Mini BTE’s if you wish to use them with the Streamer - this does not work with a CIC…
On the other hand, Phonak is within days to launch a new wireless aid (see my posting) I dont have all the details but i would think it will be a good instrument…

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Do you have any idea what how many db the Audeo covers upto?

Audeo’s are tgreat for high frequency hearing losses up to about 75 db HL. Beyond that, they are not powerful enough.

They are great hearing aids if you are in that range or better, I would think a much better choice than the Starkeys.

The Epoq is also great, little bulkier, but provides great access to bluetooth and the “my voice” and wireless broadband communication between the two aids is something Starkey cannot duplicate.

the binaural feedback canceller is a nice option
which enhance music experience

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