Which HA have ultra-thin RIC wires?

I am currently testing the Phonak Audeo S Smart IX. I love the form factor, but am having issues with hiss/noise (search this site for “hiss burst”). If not resolved, I will pursue another type, but would like something with the same small RIC wire and form factor.

I’ve found that other thicker RIC wires are more rigid, and cause the receiver to slip out of position. If I use a tighter dome, it becomes uncomfortable after 10-12 hours of wearing. Plus, the thin wire on the Phonak is easy to hide. I REALLY like the comfort and size of the Phonaks, but if I can’t get the issue resolved, what’s available (that’s good) that is as small and thin?


I had the same issue with the smart IX. I loved the fit and flexible thin wire but did not like the sound. Widex passion (and I assume the clear) have the almost the same flexible type and size wire as the smart. The phonaks have a copper wire in the tube that color it slightly, so the wires blended slightly better with my skin tone then the widex, but most people still can’t tell I am wearing hearing aids unless they specifically look closely.

My Oticon Hit Plus RITE has a very fine wire(s) going from the BTE to the Receiver In The Ear (basically, a cylindrical speaker that is about the diamater of 1.5 to 2 pin heads). I use the ‘Tulip’, or, Open Domes in size 10.

Click on my Renovator Name (or click HERE) to go into an Album I created to see the aid(s) and how they look on my ears. Click on each picture to see the larger version!

Sorry the pictures aren’t the greatest in the world - I took them myself, holding the camera in different positions around my head, then cropped them to focus on the aids…

As you can see, I am bald, so I either cut my remaining hair really short, or just shave my entire head and face (right now, my head is completely shaved). I feel that most people don’t even notice the HA’s on me as I wear the glasses all the time.

I think people notice my glasses first and foremost and don’t usually get past noticing my glasses! As you can see, I have the older style glasses that are really pretty large (I need the larger lens to fit everything on to make them trifocals). If I had the new-style really tiny glasses, the aids may show up more quickly to strangers.

I got these aids (left and right) for just over $2K–US.
These are the first aids I have ever worn, since October 22, 2010 (just over five months now) and I could not be more pleased with the results in improving my hearing!

To reduce or eliminate the “hiss” noise have your dispenser/audiologist adjust the TK or threshold kneepoint for amplifying soft sounds. You will no longer hear the “hiss”.

dear sir i suggest you starkey e3 ric which is thicker and not visible, costs you around $666 each. It does not slip any way