Which domes should I order for Oticon Acto?

Hi this is my first ;post
I have an old set of HAs Oticon acto and would like to get some domes for them.
Which would be right for this HA. I have some minifit which I use in my Oticon mini
but of course are too small fo the acto.

I would like to order some domes and am wondering if someone would know which domes I
i should order. The HAs are 8 yrs. old and forgot what they are called. Thank You


Welcome to the forum. Sadly it’s not that simple. You don’t buy a dome to suit the hearing aid, you need to purchase either a mold or dome that’s best suited to your actual hearing loss. One that gives you the best hearing from a suitable aid.

Are those aids adjusted to your hearing loss? If the aids are old they could very well need a service before you even can wear them, to see that they are in working order…Then you need to find an audiology company that will program them to suit your hearing loss. This could be a difficult process, as a lot won’t help prospective clients who walk in with their own aids. Then the audiologist will help you determine the right dome/mold after doing an audiogram.

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