Which default home page do you prefer?

Which default home page do you prefer?

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For references:

But then it doesn’t really matter as I bookmark to the latest page anyway. And then it doesn’t draw very much sweat to move the mouse and lift the finger to click on latest.

You can also set your preferred home page … but wondering about defaulting everyone (new visitors included) to Latest rather than the Categories page. What I really want is Categories on desktop and Latest on mobile, because the Categories page is pretty strange on mobile imho.

I would agree with how it looks on a cell.

What else is interesting is if I’m logged in in one device and then log in on another device and then log off of the second one then the first one gets logged off too.

I also just tried to attach a picture from my cell and it didn’t seem to show. I used the upload button. But that might just be my antique phone.

I should think you should be able to detect if a browser is a mobile browser or not.

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Wouldn’t Categories offer more information for new users? If all I saw when first logginfg on as a new user is “latest” I may be dicouraged and think to myself" Is that all?"

I’ve gone in and set my preferences for Latest, but Categories still comes up. No biggy to me, but thought I’d mention.

It is because the link you use was set from the settings page. If you want another, go to the page and replace the link.

Thanks. For whatever reason, it’s working now (without me doing anything that I was aware of)

Might have been me, I went into your preferences and changed from Latest to Categories and saved, and then back to Latest and saved. Wasn’t sure if it just needed a kick in the butt.

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Thanks! I love technology. When in doubt, “Turn it off. Turn it back on again.” (Sometimes it’s tough to figure out what that looks like, but it usually works!)

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@AbramBaileyAuD: I went in and looked and it was already set to Latest. Maybe I did that a while ago or maybe you did. Anyway…that is only useful if one logs in. I often don’t log in. I only log in when I intend to post something. Once logged in I’ll stay on for some time. I’ve set email notifications for PM’s so it’s not like I need to log in to check. And really…I get very few PM’s :slight_smile: .

Then there’s the matter of how people get here. If they’re googling and get a link to here then it’s not very likely that it would go to the home page anyway.

So for me…I use a bookmark to get to the Latest page. Then log in if I wish to.

After all this rambling…maybe you’re really only talking about once logged in.

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I like the ‘latest’.

I always have a window open on my iPhone for this forum (and Facebook) and I’m always logged in. Leaving the window open, means I always get the latest.

Zebras: This site has an auto-refresh thing going on where even not logged in it’ll indicate that there are new posts. You don’t HAVE to be logged in.
fyi :slight_smile:

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I voted for latest, but I’m fine with either one.