Which Costco hearing aid do you recommend?

Recommendation on which Costco hearing a you recommend. Buying next week. Choices Costco K9, Resound Presa or Navida, Phillips 9010, Phonack Brio3 ? Possibly Unitron 700.? Hearing range 35-80mhz, hearing L-40%-R 80%. 40%L and 60%R Word recognition. Can not hear woman or high pitched sounds? New 1st time aids or divorce my wife said. Any help or anyone used any of these would welcome your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

The frequency range you listed makes zero sense, just FYI. If you meant millihertz that would be earth shattering bass and if you meant megahertz that’s well above even the best human’s hearing. Human hearing is generally considered to be from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

The Costco Kirkland Series 9, often abbreviated KS9, are a house branded version of the Phonak Audéo Marvel receiver in the canal hearing aids and many folks on this forum like them a lot. They’re a great value for the money, particularly now that they are enabling more Phonak features seemingly as a result of the coronavirus. I would certainly recommend checking them out.

Also, percent hearing losses don’t mean anything. Only word recognition scores are given in percents. You’ll want to find your audiogram which lists your hearing by frequency and dB of hearing loss and use that to discuss your loss in the future.


Needless to say I did not understand my report

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I’ll try to guess, I’m still learning the abbreviations.

Right ear, starts hearing words at 40 db (speech recognition threshold, I think) , and gets 90% correctly at 80 db, on the first test, and second time it’s 90% on 75db (word recognition score). Have no clue what [m] stands for. But first part is ok. This sets up expectations that HA should be helpful for this ear.
Also MCL, no clue, UCL I think is what loudness you can stand until you said it’s not comfortable anymore, that’s 100db.

Left ear started hearing words at 65db, and the best was 50% correctly at 85 db. This result isn’t good (join the club :)), in terms that with HAs alone you can’t expect much. However you might get something better with additional microphones.
I can’t decipher if you were tested in quiet or noise. S/n could be related to speech/noise ratio, eg how louder speech should be for you to understand it. That test points in the direction of additional microphones.

Best HA can give you 4-5 db signal to noise ratio, while mics go up to 15.

You were tested by two lists of words by NU-6 ‘publisher’ ordered by difficulty.

Your tone audiogram threshold are those graphs. Eg how loud each frequency tone has to be so that you can barely hear it.

Other things I have no clue what they are. Except that bone conduction looks ok aligned with air conduction so assumed is that you have ordinary sensorineural and not conductive loss.

However, your audiogram and expectations should be explained to you by the person who did it. Go back and ask for details.

And also, if I guessed correctly and microphones could really help you, I’ll just drop a bomb of mentioning currently the best mics, phonak roger, and that costco’s KS9 got full unlock for those recently. They’re insanely expensive. However, they’re insanely awesome.

I have WRS in quiet worse than you. And one good ear. In light white noise like a fan, my WRS is 60% :frowning: not fun
Mic brings a lot to the table and for me, worth the price.

Bomb = phonak is so poor with naming things and explaining so it’s very confusing mess out there. Let’s keep it simple, ask for roger select IN or roger pen IN for trial and see if they bring you good or not that much. IN part of the name is extremely important!

Search my posts for bunch of things, I’ve recently finished trial for phonak marvel 90, which essentially KS9 is now. With pen and select mics. So I wrote a lot of feedback here.

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Thank you. Very help.

I agree with Blacky, the Phonak Marvels are getting a lot of good reviews on this forum, and I’ll look at them when I’m ready to replace my Oticon (which has been very good). With Costco selling this hearing aid that otherwise would cost $6000 or more for about $1800 (I think - I don’t know the prices at Costco), that is a great deal. Also Phonak is set up to work with the Roger line of microphones which are excellent, though expensive. All of the major hearing aids have remote microphones that work with their hearing aids. I bought the one for my Oticon aids,(Oticon doesn’t work with Roger) and I use it at programs, asking the speaker to wear it so the sound goes directly into my hearing aids via Blue Tooth. Similarly for tour guides and for soft spoken friends when out for dinner. You can also get a TV device which streams to your hearing aids so your wife can turn down the TV!

Just some general advice. Some people adapt immediately, but most of us need at least a week or two or longer to adapt to hearing aids. Your brain has to remember how to interpret all that new sound! So give it time, and if it really bothers you, try wearing the HA an hour, then increase each day until you wear them all day. if you don’t wear them all the time, your brain doesn’t adjust fully and you will never like them. Also expect to go back in for adjustments a few times. Keep notes on different hearing environments so you can tell the audiologist exactly what you need or where you have problems. I love my hearing aids and you will too!


Monday am getting one of these. Anyone used any of these or have an opinion? Leaning at BTE due to moderate to profound loss. Battery vs charging. Phone answering ease. Good software. Best for soft speach and word recognition? Thank you.