Which CIC hearing aid company has the best quality sound

Which CIC Hearing aid company has the best quality sound. When you send it in for repair does it comeback like they put original parts back? How long does your CIC last before you sent it in for repair.

You are asking questions that will have no real answers. Quality of sound depends on your perception and your hearing loss. Everybody is different. All the major manufactures make a good CIC. As far as repairs go, It can be years or it can be months before a repair is needed. Biggest cause of CIC repairs is cerumen or skin oil in the mic or receiver, it depends on how oily your skin is or how waxy your ear canal is. If a mic or receiver needs to be replaced, it may not be a “brand new” part. The hearing aids that are returned for credit after 1 week to 90 days usage are cannibalized for the useful parts and used in repairs. No way for you to know. If it will take less time, the lab may just replace the entire faceplate and you get new everything. Whether it is a gently used part or a new part, the warranty is still in effect.

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