Which carriers are better for Smart Phones?

I know this is a stupid question, but I’m thinking of buying a Samsung S9 or 10. Is there any difference which carrier you sign up with?

I want the phone to do GPS, voice to captioning, save calls, volume, etc. Everything for us’s hearing impaired people.

Does certain carrier’s offer all or is it the phone that offers all? Thanks, CJPines

Oh, not interested in Verizon, too expensive and everyone is changing.

I do not need the frills, just listening to calls, saving them and captioning them.

If you’re not going to use a lot of data, T-Mobile’s Connect plans are pretty impressive. Unlimited calls and texts and 2gb of data for $15 a month. If you want 5gb of data, its’ $25 a month. Consumer Cellular uses either T-Mobile or ATT and is reasonable, although not as inexpensive as T-Mobile Connect. Check coverage maps or ask your neighbors what they use. Traditionally Verizon has had the best coverage, but T-Mobile has made great strides. Basic differences between carriers are coverage, customer service and cost. Numerous articles online.

It can depend on where you live. Maybe some cities have great service from all providers, but I’m in a semi-rural area, and only AT&T works worth a darn here, so you might want to check with some neighbors and see if all providers are equal where you are.

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I live in rural Arkansas north of Hot Springs, I use Consumer cellular on the AT&T network, and it cost me less than half of what AT&T cost for the same service.

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All the carriers work with smart phones.
Monkey see monkey do.
The number one priority is coverage.
Check coverage in your area.
Do not rely on the carriers coverage map they fudge.
There is a site called Howard Forums.
I suggest you do some research on that site.
You can ask questions about the carriers and there coverage.

Since I use my phone minimally, mine is a Tracfone on AT&T. Costs me right about $100 a year. :slight_smile:

From what I can tell the ~$100 a year plan is just for calls and for 400 minutes worth. The cheapest smartphone plan is $15 a month. And to be clear, I’m talking Tracfone.

As a hearing-impaired person, I’d be most interested in which phones will do hi-fi calls with which networks. I’m not in the U.S so maybe this is not an issue with American networks. It is where I live.

I can only wish that for me, I am retired but I do a lot of volunteering and also being a retired IT professional I get asked to help other retired in the area with their computer issues. I also help other Veterans by my volunteer work at the VA clinic and the American Legion along with my church. I cannot stand not being busy.

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VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) provides better sound in the US. Pretty sure all carriers now use it. If in very rural area, might be best to check.

The Samsung phones you mentioned do not have call recording in the US (I’m guessing this is what you mean by “save calls”).

I would highly recommend the Galaxy S10 (or S20) series over the S9 series because the S9 aids do not support ASHA as far as I’ve read (which you need for direct streaming on newer aids though not Phonak as Phonak uses BlueTooth 4.2). Now, some folks on here will argue that they have largely the same hardware, but it doesn’t help you if the software doesn’t enable the feature.

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Okay, thanks. I will look Howard Forums up.

HowardForums is pretty defunct these days; recommend Reddit or XDA Developers.

Also just noticed that you want live captioning of phone calls…There are no phones that offer this by default. There are apps that will do it though (such as InnoCaption+).

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Much appreciated, thank you. Is InnoCaption an app I can put on any phone such as Samsung S9 or 10?

Yep, it’ll work on any reasonably recent Android or iOS phone. It works like a desktop captioning phones; there’s a live stenographer typing captions just like on a live TV broadcast.

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Don’t look only at what Tracfone itself offers. Look at what you can get on eBay. Just last month I got a year’s service for my backup phone for $69 (no minutes since as a backup with 300 sitting there it doesn’t need them). Last September I got a year plus 1500 minutes for $99. Of course you do have to be a minimal user, which I am. The text and data minutes just pile up for me because I hardly use them, and I also have always had unused minutes accumulate, although not as much lately. Since the lockdown I’ve been talking on the phone more.

Also, if you were willing to set up a new phone every year, a lot of Tracfones sell on places like HSN for $99 or less with 1500 minutes (and some amount of text and data I don’t remember) included. My first smart phone was one of those deals.

I’ve never paid any attention to the monthly plans as one of the benefits of a system like Tracfone’s for me is not having to sign up for anything. I absolutely realize what works for me doesn’t suit most people here as so many talk about streaming, which holds no appeal for me at all. Nor does paying a lot for a phone when I don’t use one much.

Yap, I may want streaming. Thank you.

Also, I would love to know from you all what phones have the best sound for clarity and speech?

Thank you

I use a Samsung S7 on Tracfone and I average about $15 a month.

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