Which brand of closed dome do I have?

I have a grey silicone closed dome which is unusual shape. It fans out like a mushroom cap but then curves in closer to the wire. Looks like you cut a 1/3 off of a lemon
Because it curves back in it is more comfortable on my sensitive canal
Googled closed domes but can only find ones that look like 1/2 a lemon, a cone or double cone.
Anyone know what i have? It appears to ne about 9mm at widest part

Try searching domes marvel 4.0.
It’s very similar to the Phonak Marvel vented domes. That would be the large size I believe.

100% sure these are Starkey Comfort Buds Occluded. I wear them in my very sensitive small ear canals on my Oticon P100 receivers. I wear different sizes in each ear.
I bought a few packs, change them daily, and wash them in a Dawn water mix about 1 once a week to keep them pristine clean-no more irritation.
Google Starkey Comfort Buds Occluded and you will find all the sizes and sources.

Mago is right look just like the ones I have for my Starkey aids.

This is Marvel Dome . Look for “Round Dome”
Also Widex have the same .
See photo

Wear Audible which are Starkey.
That is the done I wear.

I have used the round dome and have Widex aids. Eventually I gave up on them and went to a fitted ear-tip. The problem with all these is that I find the tip tends to back out of the canal with time. Chewing or even talking will do that. The fitted ear-tip initially was better, but now I find it too moves.

This is annoying because I find that I am constantly pushing it in. Any advice?

Go back to your provider and have the mold redone. Ears change over time or with significant weight changes.

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Let your Audi redo the domes again and again. Am on my 3rd dome and still not deep enough and even my Audi said don’t take it is not deep and she asked for remake the 4th time.

I’m a fan of small custom molds with a canal lock. In some cases I will go with a semi-skeleton or a canal lock with a helix lock. Those will NOT move. I always aim for the smallest mold possible, but in some cases you have to get a little more aggressive. I’ve attached a picture of what they look like.

Soft silicone molds with canal lock. I like them and they stay put.
The lock is very handy to grab ahold when removing aids too.


This is really helpful. Why don’t all domes have this problem of movement? Is it because people don’t know what is expected that they tolerate it?

If so this just adds to list of reasons that people tend not to use their aids. Inconsistency of amplification due to inconsistency of fit.

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Here are mine. They are made of rigid plastic and that may be part of the problem. I’ll contact my audi to have them redone. I agree that soft silicone ones will be better. When I use earbuds the best are always soft silicone.

Thanks for the input. This is helpful.


There are a couple of reasons, but the biggest one is that not everyone’s ears are the same. In many to most cases, a dome with the little “tail” is plenty for keeping the dome securely in the ear. Some patients have ear canals that slope upward from the outside (aperture) to the eardrum. It’s like I have to lie down next to them in order to get the right angle to see the eardrum. :rofl:

This can really make custom molds and hearing aids challenging, unless you put include on the mold something to keep it from moving. That’s why I like canal locks, helix locks, and semi-skeletons.

Another reason is that some folks’ ear canals have a lot of movement in them when the jaw is in motion. Eating, talking, etc., will make them crawl out. Either way, the locks can be really helpful.

And regarding that list of reasons you mentioned, I can only say this. Most of that list can be helped by patients following up with their providers. I tell all my patients, “Don’t wait until you’re mad at me. You’re NEVER bothering me.” If they don’t tell me what’s wrong, I can’t fix it. Make sure your provider fixes any issues.


I do a lot of work to help Veterans getting hearing aids the first time, and others that have aids but never go back to get them adjusted. Most of them believe the aids should be right the first time and they should never have to be bothered to go back to get them adjusted or ear molds redone, etc, etc.
The little clinic hear keep after them and makes sure they get the adjustments they need.

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A fitter MUST counsel the patient. Period. So many more people would be happier if their provider had taken more time to work with them in the beginning.