Which brand has the smallest sized BTE hearing aid?

Which brand has the smallest, least noticeable BTE hearing aid?

Well they’re all pretty small compared to what they used to be. People don’t seem to notice mine at all. But what’s your goal here. Is it to hear as best you can or are you trying to hide your loss from others because in that case the only one you’re probably fooling is yourself. Especially if you need bte aids.


My goal is to hear as best as I can.

That’s not your stated aim above.

The smallest RIC are the #10 battery versions like the Moxi Now.

I would accept a larger size if that provides me with the best hearing.

Sharing your audiogram would help us help you.

OK , I will request it from my audiologist.

I was going to say the same thing. You’re audiogram might show that a bte aid isn’t even necessary

I used the wrong term. I actually have a RIC aid. I edited my post to reflect this.

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My bad. I do actually have a BTE.

Ric is one form of bte aid.

I wear glasses and ric paradise size 13 (which is bigger model). And my ear is big enough to hide the aid when you look me from the side.
Of course, looking from the back you see it.

I machine cut my hair on just a few mm on the sides and don’t have big ears yet.

I can’t remember if I saw fat ric model that would be significantly noticable from the side.

I think they even shouldn’t sit on the very top but little to the back, so hang off their wire, so only wire is visible if you have hawk eye.

Many people don’t.

I wore red hearing-aid, ric, and I think only people who noticed it are those who are familiar with aids. I notice that skin colored one on people, but only after I started wearing mine. Before that I never knew how many people were wearing them actually :joy:

However I find it useful to say that I’m not hearing well so people are a bit more focused to look at me when talking and such. It’s definitely easier when other side knows and especially if you tell what they should do. In my case just speak slower since it is in language I’m still learning. Some people need to be looked at, some need louder.

I have zero issues asking to help me understand them after I share my hearing impairment first. And zero issues in receiving accommodation. Instant empathy! :slight_smile:

If phonak would make some proper colors I’d definitely go for red, violet or similar. But black is only one they offer that works for me.

So don’t be afraid to grow up some mojo and use it to your advantage. After all, point of communication is that both sides understand each other.