Which bluetooth neckloop?

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About to get either Artone or Artone MS neckloop and it seemed obvious to pick the MS version but he local audio told me that their local distributer (Starkey, Sweden) had decided to return the current version of MS model due to problems with the soundtransmission and with the microphone strength.

What do you folks say?
Which should I buy? I was very pleased withthe original Artone as I tested it but the double bluetooth connection and the A2D2 capability is very tempting.

Please help me out and greetings from Sweden,


Greetings back to you from Southern California. Being a techie, I would prefer the most advanced model … however, if something has a history of problems, I would hold off until those problems were resolved. If I couldn’t wait, I’d buy the lesser one and kick myself after for not being patient, patience not being one of my virtues.

I have been using a CLA7BT Bluetooth Amplified Neck Loop for which i bought here…

According to the solutions guide at Tec-Ear:

It is what they reccommend. I pare it to my iPhone using tele-coil to both ears. Works very good for me. Works with my Mac or any bluetooth equipped device.

I am using this bluetooth adapter and am pleased with it.
It is a stereo adapter so you can use neckloop for bluetooth
cellphone or stereo hooks for listening to music.



Hello Stefan,
Starkey Sweden have received a sample of the improved Artone MS, and have approved it for sale.
They decided to make more test to ensure client satisfaction, for now the results are positive.
For now it is the most versatile device on the market.

Please contact them for information.
All The best
Artone team


Gotta say that this sounds too good to be true But if true - THANKS!
Can you please provide me with the contact details and/or some kind of reference?

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“For now the results are positive”
What does that mean?

Bluetooth Neckloop is designed for wireless connection to Bluetooth enabled cellphone,PDA and laptop.The Linear Blue SLC is very good listening device designed to help people who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants with a T-Coil.I have used this bluetooth.It is compatible with T-Coil of hearing cochlear implants.

I´d like to know opinions about which one of all devices commented here provides the best noise cancelling technique for the outgoing signal. I’ve been using a Nokia LPS-4 for about 4 years, (not bluetooth but…) it was simply awesome with noise cancelling :eek:. I work for a furniture industry and with the LPS-4 was able to speak on my cellphone and people hear loud and clear my voice even if I was in the middle of all the machinnery running. But LPS-4 has pop-port connection that is discontinued now for all new cellphones most of them bluetooth enabled. I’m using a MAXIT bluetooth neckloop now, but is sadly poor with the noise cancelling job :frowning: Nobody hear my voice on the phone eather if I am in a noisy place or if they are!! :mad: I’ve read here that Maxit is a chinese replica of the Artone one, but before spend more time and money testing all others, any honest opinion is thankfully wellcome.



Hi Netman,
I’ve been using a Nokia LPS-4 for a long time, also. I’ve been waiting for the LPS-5 more than one year and, after the first tests I posted this link http://www.hearingaidforums.com/showthread.php?t=7004
But in terms of quality of sound, power, operation, etc. I have to recognise LPS-5 is so good as the LPS-4. :slight_smile: Without voice dialling and redial the last call… :rolleyes:
LPS-5 is very expensive. But the good ones are also expensive.
In order to NOT have compatibility problems, I bought a Nokia 5530 in June, after Nokia having indicated, in writing, that both were compatible. :smiley:
Since then until today and after having the first 5530 replaced, Nokia is trying to fix the very frequent hangs during the calls, using LPS-5. :mad:
But, amazing, using a Sony Ericsson cellphone, there are no problems during the calls.
In conclusion, LPS-5 is good… Expensive… with less features than LPS-4 and the compatibilty has to be tested.
I’m using a workaround solution, 50% more cheap than the LPS-5, with all LPS-4 features, plus AVRCP (Audio and Video Remote Control).
I can share this experience, if someone is interested.
Best regards,


L 35____45___75___70>100>100
R __35____45___60___60___100>100

This thread is a little old and I’m wondering whether there any updates available or reviews on the mentioned instruments. I’m still up in the air as to which neck loops are considered the best and most recommended by our members.

I have Bernafon Soundgate. Antenna is a "coax"style wire inside a fabric sheath. Loop became twisted and broke at the plastic coupler within a month. Bernafon has agreed to replace for free…they have been GREAT in their customer service!!! Now, for the purpose of.the post… Since the “antenna” is not physically attached to the Soundgate, has anyone considered an alternative to the loop? It seems that another type of commonly available antenna could work. Any suggestions or comments? Thanks

I am interesting in hearing your sollution, please. Used Nokia for 8 years, but LPS-5’s microphone seem to be too sensitive or maybe does not have same noice cancellation technology? Can’t use it b/c of the microphone, all else is great and I tested 5 different phones and it is not the phones.