Where would I have needed telecoil?

Pittsburgh (PA) Symphony has a loop.
One of the major symphony halls aand well attended by the “white hair” generation likely to use it.

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I’ve heard that in the U.S., all Regal and AMC theaters have closed caption devices.

The Regal theaters that I’ve been to use Sony Entertainment Access Glasses, which can fit over existing glasses. At AMC, the screen is at the end of a large holding device, which you can anchor (carefully, so it holds!) in the leather straps at the bottom of the cup holder.

After going to hundreds of movies where I couldn’t hear enough, I literally cried when I went to my first closed-captioned film years ago!


I go to movies that have hearin loops here where I live and where I moved from. I am some one that I doesn’t like closed-captions and will just tune out to them an just go find the book about the movie and read the book.
For me I can either watch the movie and do my best to hear what is going on or read the book.

That’s great! I don’t know of any looped movie theaters in the Denver area, though. I wish there were a lot more of them in the U.S.!

For me, closed captions are much better. I have single-sided deafness, and a large high-frequency loss in my good ear. When the dialog, music, and sound effects are all sent to my t-coil, it’s better than not using anything, but all the sound jumbles together in my one good ear. So, closed captions have been a godsend (in theaters and on my TV!).

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If my hearing gets too much worse then I may be forced to use closed-caption. I go to a friends home for a long weekend or a week, they just close-caption and it just stresses me to see it on the TV screen.

Telecoils sort of went out with the old wired black dial telephones.

lol. Nice bit of trolling.

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COSTCO just started getting upgraded K9s that include a telecoil. Call them and inquire. You should be able to return your K9s and repurchase K9s with the telecoil feature. Same cost.

I’m probably going to get Phonak M90s, covered by insurance, although, I’m not sold on the telecoil yet; nowhere I go has loop, and nobody I know uses telecoil.

Maybe you already know, Phonak M90s are pretty much KS9s. The only difference is that Marvels are available in the rechargeable battery format. And are at least $1000 more expensive.

There are significantly more differences than that.

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You can pair to one more device?

More. Costco Kirkland 9.0 Vs Phonak Marvel 90

The phone app has many more options.
Phonak firmware upgrades.
Roger Direct.
Tinnitus features.
Remote programming.

I bought KS9s, but I am about to get M90s for free. For many of us with health insurance, we can get the M90s from an audiologist that knows more of what they are doing, but insurance won’t pay Costco. My Costco girl did bad measurements and bad fitting. I have now done my own audiogram, REM, and fitting in my house. I’ll keep the KS9s as backup, until I think all is good with the M90s, and at that point, I can give them back to Costco and get my $1500 back.

I doubt you’ve done your own REM.


The Phonak Target software provides REM and REUG. It’s pretty impressive.

The phonak software does not and cannot provide REM. You need a secondary, inpedendent measurement system.

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I don’t doubt that the setup that did my REM test at Costco had some equipment that provided more and better measurements than the Target software can do with just the hearing aides and calibrated speakers, acoustic headphones, and bone conduction (I have all three at home connected to Phonak Target), but it does provide REM from within the software. I watched the tech do the REM from only the Phonak Target software, and I performed some of the same parts of those measurements from my setup at home. Which version of Phonak Target do you have installed, Neville?

The Target software is pretty snazzy but it does not do REM, it simulates.
As mentioned it takes separate equipment to do REM.

I am a big fan of Audiogram Direct and feel it does a better fit than I have got from professional fitters but my hearing is pretty messed up. The big percentage of people wearing aids benefit from real deal REM.
I also believe REM is the best place to start the best fit available.

For my hearing it is a starting point but not near the end of my fitting. My Audi has learned to do adjustment to my middle frequencies to bring them higher due to my hearing loss and to lower the high frequencies for the same reason.

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Here are two Dr. Cliff Ollson videos to clear up the confusion of Real Ear Measuremennt compared to AutoFit that many confused with REM.

Watch this first -

This one second -

We are waaaay off the “where would I need tele-coil” topic of this original question. :grinning: :roll_eyes: