Where to sell a used Virtue audibel hearing aid?

We purchased an Audibel Virtue for my father in law early 2010 due to loss in one ear. I am sure you all know what they cost which nearly knocked us over. My father in law used the device once and due to other medical complications (tremors), was unable to use the device. So we have a single completely in canal hearing aid that we would like to resell.

Comes with everything down to the shipping box. No buyer would be disappointed in condition. Case, cleaning kit, extra bats, etc.

Any idea where to market something like this? I know they are supposed to be made to each person but 3 of us tried it out and seems to fit us fine. Maybe there is some fitting that needs done.

Hate to tell you, but a second hand market for CIC hearing aids doesn’t really exist. I know you said the CIC fit all you guys fine, but wear it for a couple hours and see what happens. Your ear will hurt like hell. Even aids that are custom molded to someones ears that are a TINY bit off will cause intense pain and sores in the ear, so although you think the aid fits you guys, in reality it is WAY off. You’d be better off donating the hearing aid to a group like Lions Club and using it as a tax write off. Anyone that purchases the hearing aid is going to have an uphill battle, because they’re going to have to…

  1. Get an impression made of their ear, and then get the hearing aid reshelled. This is hard to do, because normally companies that reshell hearing aids will only work B2B.
  2. They’re going to have to get a new hearing aid specialist to program the hearing aid for them, and this can also be tough, especially with a product like NuEar, which can only be serviced by a select group of hearing professionals.
  3. The manufacturers warranty (if still valid) will be voided once the aid is recased.

Once a buyer has gone through this trouble, and spent AT THE VERY LEAST $500 to get all this done, but more likely close to $1,000, they are totally out of luck if for whatever reason the hearing aid doesn’t sound right to them, when normally they could just return it to the dealer. Problem is, let’s say you sell the hearing aid for $500, and they invest 1,000. Now they’re getting a hearing aid for $1,500 that isn’t truly custom to their loss, was previously used, and doesn’t have a warranty from the manufacturer, and can only be programmed by a select group of people.

For all the hassle both parties will have to deal with, you are much better off donating it and getting tax benefits.

According to an old forum posting from 2007, (thanks, Google), The Audibel Virtue (2, 4, 8, 12, 16) Series was the same as the Starkey Destiny (200, 400, 800, 1200, 1600)Series. I do not believe these are current models.

I thought this additional information might help others.

I believe Audibel aids are locked so they can only be programmed by Audibel dealers too.

If it is the same as the Destiny it is pretty old technology. I think the Destiny came out in 2006. Now, it’s a good hearing aid but it doesn’t have all the modern features. If someone already had specific model and wanted a backup, and their Audibel local office would agree to go through the steps Mark talked about, it could work. It’s just not likely you would find someone who wanted it. If you donate it to Lions Club you may be able to list it as a donation (see your tax advisor).

Yes, They are.