Where to purchase ZPower batteries for Widex Evoke F2 440

I’m having problems obtaining Z-power batteries for my Widex Evokes, and have heard that Z-power is bankrupt. Is this true, and if so, is Widex offering help with upgrading to their Lithium ion powered aids?

Amazon is selling them for about $60 each. I see one on Amazon for $47. If they work well and last as long as they advertise for you, you should get them while they last. Or maybe wait until there’s a fire sale. But there’s a chance their price will go up first if demand exceeds supply They used to sell for around $40 on eBay, but seem to have been increased in price significantly on eBay. I still see a source for $35 + $4 shipping on eBay right now.

I would not stock up on them, though, because it’s unclear whether they would have a long enough shelf life just sitting idle unused or not. What I mean is it’s not clear if you bought one now but don’t use it for another year or two or three, whether they will last a year like they’re supposed to counting from the time you start using them in the distant future.

Thanks Volusiano, that’s really helpful and I’ll order some.
I seem to remember that Oticon gave people help with an upgrade to Lithium ion when they pulled out of using Z-power, and I wondered whether Widex had any plans to do something similar?

Hi Tony,
We had a number of patients using this product. Widex UK were not particularly helpful.
We made a decision as a provider to change all our users to the lithium Ion version at no cost to them.
My advice is to talk to your provider.
Kind regards

You can go to the ZPower web site and buy direct.
At least you could the last time I checked.

I know a few cases where the audiologist complained and Widex upgraded to Moment 440s for free. Tell them to raise a big fuss.

Thanks DaninSD.
I’ll phone my Audi this morning and see if they will do it. If not, I’ll contact Widex and maybe see if they have a Facebook page where I can post.

Thanks freezerman404. I’ll look to see how much they are charging.

Thank you Matt. It seems unfair that your company had to bear the cost rather than Widex. It was a generous move by you. I will phone my provider this morning.

Thank you everyone for your excellent advice. My Audi contacted Widex, and they agreed to upgrade my Evokes to Moments which have lithium ion batteries. Great result, I am very pleased.


This is a forum success story!!!

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Yes it is.
Don’t you love it when good things come out of sharing some help.

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I DO! That’s why I am on so many varied forums for so many different topics. I’ve been helped, and been able to help others, many times.

Some Oticon OPN owners who bought their hearing aids with the ZPower system were able to get upgraded to the new OPN S lithium-ion rechargeable system after they complained about the performance of the ZPower system to their hearing care providers. Not all of them got the new system, though, usually only those who complained loudly and bought the Zpower system more recently right before the lithium-ion system became available got the trade-up. Those who have had their ZPower system for a while already well before the lithium-ion became available were not as lucky.

I just bought my Widex last autumn so only just over a year ago.