Where to purchase accessories for the Oticon More

Where do you more experienced Oticon guys go for a good price for your accessories? I’m thinking of TV3, extra minifit RIEs if I need them. I need a goto place. Thanks!


I buy Oticon receiver replacements (new) on eBay. Also bought my TV Adapter 3.0 and ConnectClip from eBay. Amazon usually have accessories as well, I check both Amazon and eBay and buy from the cheaper sources. Also bought my Noahlink Wireless (not an Oticon accessory per se) from eBay as well. If you’re in no hurry then you can check periodically on eBay until a good deal comes along.

Ty @Volusiano for your input. I just bought a backup pair of receivers from eBay from a vendor out of Kiev, believe it or not. It was my honor to support someone who is in the midst of all that chaos. I have a NoahLink which I have yet to use. I got it last week. I bought a backup smart charger from mysecondear.com in Germany for 199. I may or may not get the TV Adap. 3. I think it’s more of a want than a need.

It seems as if I’m on the right track then. Thanks again.

If you have a newer TV that has Bluetooth support, I would rather buy a ConnectClip for that TV instead of buying a TV Adapter for it. That way I can use my ConnectClip for Android phones or other BT devices as well.

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Ty. I’ll look into it.

I bought a Connect Clip on eBay from an Audi in Canada who was getting rid of excess new stock for about $75 less than my Audis cost.

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