Where to go for hearing loss checkup?


I live in Boston area Massachusetts.

My father is visiting US and I wish to get his hearing loss checked here. If possible, buy his a device.

Can i please get some recommendations on how to get started? I see BJ’s and Costco has hearing aid centers and wonder if they provide good service. I found some other centers in the Boston area too but hard to decide without reviews.


Costco generally has good service and good equipment. If it was my dad, I would start with a checkup at an ENT doctor (Ear, Nose, and Throat), also called an otolaryngologist, just to make sure there are no correctable health issues affecting his hearing. The ENT may have an audiologist on staff who does hearing tests and you can get the test done there, or go to Costco or another audiologist. You don’t have to buy hearing aids where you have the test done. You can ask for a copy of the test and go somewhere else.

Then, once you buy hearing aids, they may need to be adjusted a few times, and it will take some time for your father to get used to them and for the brain to adjust. The professional you use is a very important part of this process. Also, there is a return period and if the hearing aids are not getting adjusted well, you can return them and try another brand or another professional. Make sure you know all the terms of the return policy.

Please let us know how things are going during the process.

If your father is from England or Europe, Costco would be a smart move as they have stores in many countries. As to the ENT, unless something is indicated by an audiologist, I’d avoid the cost. If you have an Executive membership, you can get a second card for a family member. Dad would be able to visit the Costco in his country for support/supplies/etc.

I think it depends on where your father lives. If he has no Costco in his country then you want to go somewhere he can buy aids that can be adjusted anywhere. You could always get his hearing tested at Costco then use an online service like buy hear since they do all the adjustments remotely. Just make sure they would ship the kit needed for remote adjustments internationally.

Where is he coming from and how long will he be here?

Thanks all for generous responses!

He came from India and going to stay for another two weeks.

He already had a phonak device in India and I believe that didn’t work well for him due to lack of skill set to configure it. So was hoping to get him a machine from here.

On some topic, any recommendation on where to buy a machine from and preferred brands?

Would two weeks be enough to fine tune it or rather leave it to next visit?

Two weeks really isn’t adequate. He’ll go home needing further adjustments. Best to research a good clinic in India. As he has learned, having a good audiologist is a major component to success. I’d contact a good local clinic and explain his problem with adjustments there and see if one of them will see him about his current aids. That’d be my suggestion, anyway.

He could have brought them with him and paid a good AuD to update the software and adjust them.