Where to get the Sonic Ion in Bowmanville Ontario?

The new Sonic Ion seems like a new approach that I’d like to try; has anyone tested or bought one yet?

Also, I don’t know if anyone specializes in Sonic products in my area. I’m near Bowmanville Ontario. Any recommendations?

I know that Beethovens Hearing Aid Centre carries Sonic products, because I have one of their earlier models. I’ve also been thinking about the Ion. Sorry, I haven’t tried that model yet.

Anyway, Beethovens Hearing is just west of Liberty Street in downtown Bowmanville. You can Google them; their website is http://beethovens.info

I’ve been really busy this year, but if I get a chance, I’ll get them to let me try out an Ion and I’ll report back here if I remember. Old age, ya’ know!!!


Found it, thanks! Stopped by Beethoven’s yesterday and yes, they do carry Sonic products. Wow, little Bowmanville is right up there with the latest techno gadgets and gear!