Where to get hearing aid consumables bulk cheap

Ok got focus rogers and wanting to know where to get slimtubes and domes open and closed. Im seeing things like 9 us dollars for 1 set! But if i need to change domes every 4 weeks and tubes every 2 months thats pricey!

For me tubes and domes always lasted much longer than that, especially the tubes.


I buy slimtubes in sets of 5 for 17,50€ and domes in sets of 10 for 8€ in this Dutch webshop.
So look around, there’s bound to be a reasonable one closer to Canada.

I wear my slimtubes out in about 3 months. My daughter’s Focus’ tubes been in there since September '19. No yellowing, whatsover: Little people produce less. And the Roger Focus are tiny, so the tube is under less stress, too. She also only wears them in class, so a lot less hours/week than me. All those less-es seem to add up. :slight_smile:

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@Markismus what makes u change tubes. Yellowing or ca t hear as well?

With my Bolero SP’s I see a slight narrowing right before the slimtube enters the thicker plastic that fits the dome or mold and after the plastic that is connected to the housing. Typically the inner bend of the tube has a sharper angle at that point.

With my Slimtubes comes a green, thin, round rod that fits inside the tubes. When I feel the bends while cleaning, I know the sound is obstructed.

When that doesn’t happen and the slimtubes ages, it gets longer and thinner up to the point my hearing aid starts swinging from behind the ear, when I wrestle with my kids.
It usually has a yellow gleam at that point and I imagine that I have been hearing less optimal for a time then. It’s gradually less, so I usually fail to notice it.

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I find the domes last a lot longer then the slim tubes. My step mom is still using the same domes that she got when she got her first hearing aids (2 years ago), she finds the tubes do start to go hard tho.

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