Where to get best price on new Phonak Marvel plus good local Audiologist near Huntington Beach, Ca


Hello all:

I need to replace my Phonak Q54 on one side. I was advised about the new Phonak Marvel coming in November for $2720.00 from an Audiologist. I wonder if anyone knows of a better price to get one but would that have to be from another Audiologist? I live in Huntington Beach, Ca.
Would greatly appreciate any referrals on this.

Also, my Personal articles Insurance policy to cover this was based on only replacing my cost of the original device. Prices have gone up. Is this common with anyone else who’s insured theirs?

If this is not the right way to ask these questions to get the most eyeballs, could anyone please place my questions in a general forum to get more responses? I’d greatly appreciate all assistance!

Rich H.



Here’s a link from hearingtracker for audiologists in the scal area; Hearing Aids in Huntington Beach, California: Over 65 Hearing Centers Within 30 Miles

There are some in Huntington Beach, but I don’t see reviews. Not sure what it takes to get on the list. Perhaps @AbramBaileyAuD can help? With just using one ear, I’m not sure you’d get great benefit from the Marvel. $2720 sounds like a decent price for a new, top of the line aid. If price is an issue, I’d encourage checking at Costco.

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Believe it or not we have a page for that: Phonak Hearing Aids in Huntington Beach, California: Over 45 Hearing Centers Within 30 Miles

The price sounds reasonable if you ask me. Not sure what technology level that is though.



Thank you very much for your link!



Thank you very much for your information