Where to get a hearing test done?

I live in Grand Rapids Mich.
It’s time to buy new aids and I think this forum will be a great source of information but 1st I need an accurate hearing test done.

Is there anyone in my area that you would recommend?


Hello…I am new to this too…I happen to stumble on this forum and I feel I can help a lot here. I am a specialist in Florida and own 6 locations. The best thing for you to do is to set several appointments with different specialists and find which specialist you are more confident with. Our tests in Florida are free; therefore, you should find locations in your area that offer the test for free. Once when you are tested and you do have un-answered questions, let me know and I will answer them for you. I’m glad I am here to help…:slight_smile:

Costco provides reasonable prices on hearing aids, the Hearing test is free.

I had great luck with Costco, purchased the Bernafon Verite and Sound gate.

So far no complaints, except I have to take them out at night:D.

If you post your Audiogram you will get some great answers from the forums professional participants.

He’s the best in the area:

Szumowski, Ed - West Michigan Hearing Services
4232 29th SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Free tests are many times a prelude to a hard sell for hearing aids, and not necessarily the aids that may be right for you. If you have health insurance you could ask them, or your general practitioner.

I’m new too, and stumbled across your post. It looks like you have lots of suggestions for finding a place to get a hearing test. If you haven’t purchased new aids yet and want a great deal then check out this website http://www.hearingcenterusa.com Best of Luck!