Where to buy Size 13 batteries online in the EU?

Hi, can someone tell me where can I find cheapest battery 13 packs online in EU? What do you recommend?

Not sure that the UK is part of the EU any longer, but Costco in the UK sell them for £8.99 a 48 pack. There also appears to be a Costco in France and a couple in Spain. Not sure where of if they do any online.

Have you tried Amazon?

Try eBay too.


Half the good batteries are made in Europe/UK (eg Power One and Rayovac). So they must be cheap there. Although market forces will always determine price.

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Costco in Canada tells me that their Kirkland batteries are Ray-O-Vac, and are made in the USA. I believe Ray-O-Vac also make batteries in Europe. They seem to be a good brand.

The Rayovacs I get in Australia are usually UK made if I buy them on eBay. Probably the best batteries if the Proline. I find if I buy Amazon they’re US made.

Thank you for suggestions! I will check if Amazon UK or DE can ship batteries to my country.

Or I could just take a ride to Germany and buy few year worth supply because them prices are gooood compared to my place.


I’ve found subscription to be the best. Generally those places ship everywhere.

Like www.batteryzip.com