Where to buy Pure 312 7nx Receivers?

Anyone know? I am considering a Pure 312 7nx with an M, but I might be better off with a P or HP; all three cover my audiogram. Would there be any downside to going with a P or HP given that the M already has about +/- 10 db at the top and bottom?

I was an audiophile before this. What do other audiophiles think of the Pure 312 7nx?

In any event, I am only 42, but have a rare autoimmune disease that is causing my hearing loss. I expect that my hearing will get much worse over time and eventually I will need a cochlear implant. However, there have been events in the past where I regained a large amount of hearing (but that has not happened again for the past several years).

New to hearing aids and want to get DIY right.


I had the Costco version of this and it had really good sound, especially on the music program with less processing and more linear.

I was told the HP receiver requires an encased mold. I don’t know if it is physically impossible to put a click sleeve on it, or if it is just a policy thing.

I had th P receiver and used click sleeves, and had three molds made that were not deep enough, even with me telling them every time that I wanted a mold that reaches the bony portion of the ear canal, to eliminate occlusion.

My advice would be go slow, get lots of adjustments by pros, and ease into DIY.

Also, there are free courses on Audiology Online. Read everything, and take all relevant courses.

Thanks for the tips Don.

I was just at my otolaryngologists’ office this morning for other reasons (steroid injections in both ears) and brought up this DIY project with him. Good news is that he is very supportive of my DIY effort and provided lots of help. He brought in an audiologist and she measured my ear size and told me that based on my audiogram I should use an M and 2 length (she did that for free I might add). They also volunteered to do the initial setup and audiogram for just $100 even though I am bringing in my own hardware. I’m in there a lot and they are very kind to me.

I’m a professional video engineer and have always been into audio at an advanced hobby level. I have also checked out a lot on Audiology Online and will look at more. My otolaryngologist is familiar with my skill set and is excited to have me try the DIY route on my own. He’s confident that I will be able to get good results.

For $100 I’ll almost certainly get the initial setup done even though I have any audiogram from last month and will certainly get one again in about a month. My otolaryngologist said that if I wanted, he could include the UCL testing as well during my next audiogram.

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Also I talked to the audiologist about the benefits and weaknesses of different power receivers. She said that the M is best for me because it easily covers my current hearing loss. She also said that higher power are more prone to feedback and other issues. So basically, you should use the lowest power possible that still provides some wiggle room.


Hey Don,

When you say, “read everything,” do you have some particular articles in mind? There is a plethora of info over there and much of it does not apply (much does even if not directly though).

I just took the recorded webinar for Connexx 8 and it honestly seems very straight forward along with other things I have read. I’ve entered my audiogram and selected my instrument… can’t go any further until I get my Pure 312 7nx. I saw there is a demo mode so I might try and play with that too.

My otolaryngologist is excited and so am I. It will be awesome if I can regain the ability to localize sound and to hear people who are on the right side of me again. For whatever reason, whenever I walk with people anywhere they always wind up on my right side and I either have to struggle to hear or stop, remind them I can’t hear out of that ear, and have us change sides.

I’m really excited for music too. The distortion in my ear has decreased markedly and I’m hoping for the best.


Just pointing out there are articles on that site, as well as courses.

Looking at your hearing loss, I think the M receivers are fine. You can buy them here:


I use the P receivers with custom molds and they seem to work fine. My loss in both ears is -110dB and yours is less. Not sure you need custom molds, but I think they are always best. the 312 NX