Where to buy M&RIE receivers?


I’m a Resound ONE owner and a curious and techie DIYer. In my country (Spain), Amplifon won’t offer me M&RIE receivers and the only way I have to test them is to buy and program them myself.

I think the added benefit of zero wind noise makes that whole operation worthwhile. Even if all the other supposed mic-in-ear benefits are just a marketing gimmick.

Now, my question is… Can someone recommend me some online shop that allows me, a mere mortal and user, to buy a set of M&RIE receivers?


I just did a google search on: purchase M&RIE

And found a few online stores here’s the first two in the list

Well, I’m about to order a set of M&RIE receivers… but… Why that HUGE price difference??

55€ / 55$ at the second linked shop. 175$ at the first shop… Man…

Well, I just received them. Shipped from Netherlands to Spain! That was a big deal indeed! 100 bucks and I can test the M&RIE! I think they lack that wow factor, but let’s see…

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