Where to buy hearing aid wipes?

Where’s the best place to buy hearing aid wipes to clean Phonak hearing aids with? Thanks

Might want to check your manual to see what it says about solvents to use/avoid on your HA’s.

I got small alcohol wipes very inexpensively on Amazon but I only use them on the outer surface of my custom silicone ear molds, not the HA bodies themselves and not on wires or anything else. I do that as a last step after cleaning my HA’s with a Jodi-Vac consumer unit, the brushing the outer surface of the molds with a double-ended wet/dry cotton Q-tip using the Oaktree ~2% benzalkonium aqueous solution (from Amazon also - a 4 oz. botttle might last me 1.5 to 2 years). Serves as a detergent agent and a sterillizing/inhibiting agent. Am careful not to have any liquid come in contact with either end of the receiver inserted into the ear molds.

Don’t regard any of this as “sterilization” - just as thoroughly getting rid of whatever gunk is on my HA’s and hopefully as I handle them, prevent transferring whatever is on one HA from putting it on the ear mold of the other before I insert it into my ear canal. The dry end of the Q-tip removes ~all benzalkonium solution applied by the wet end and the liquid from the alcohol wipes evaporates pretty fast - otherwise, it might be irritating to insert domes or receivers contain such organic material into one’s ear canals.

I use Huggies Naturals (no chemicals). Cut 1 sheet into 9 squares and store in a zip lock bag. Wipe down every night and store HAs in a Serene Innovations Renew Hearing Aid Dryer (which replaced Dry and Store which died after 25 years of use).

I use the same wipes as I use on my glasses, or I just use the same clean cloth that I clean my glasses with, then make sure that I was the cloth.

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Good advice, all. Mine are only 14 months old, so no need to clean them just yet.

Damp microfibre cloth on the plastics. Clean tissue on the moulds. Job done.

Avoid all solvents and harsh cleaning agents…

Been using face wipes on the plastic, dry with a Kleenex. Wash the domes with dish detergent, removed from aids, dry before putting back on receivers. Thanks for the replies.