Where to buy domes?

I purchased my hearing aids at Costco near Baltimore. I am very pleased with them. I use 8mm open domes which have been replaced by the Costco audiologist for free whenever I needed more.

Well this afternoon I happened to be there and she gave me about a half dozen of them. I put them in my pocket but when I got home I realized they had fallen out presumably somewhere in aisles of Costco. I’m too embarrassed to go back and ask for more.

Checking online, I saw that Amazon was selling them via Oticon but the picture of them in the package doesn’t quite look like mine (http://www.amazon.com/Oticon-Dome-Delta-Hearing-Aids-8mm/dp/B0025QGKGA). Are those the same? Who else or where else can I purchase domes? Are there different kinds of 8mm open domes? I can take a very closeup picture of mine and post it if that would help identify it.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Joe,
There are many different types of 8mm open domes - in fact almost all manufacturers have their own types.
Your hearing aids were purchased at Costco. I would be very suprised if they were oticon ones… Do you know what model or what the name of them are?
Once you know the name and manufacturer finding the domes shouldnt be too tricky.

Here is another website that sells tubes and domes: http://www.advancedhearing.com/site/955817/page/773797