Where to buy a Roger Installer?

Hi all - I am now starting to enjoy the benefits of the Roger Pen, and am using it with my Brio3/B90 aids with the Roger X attached to the Compilot. I am beginning to see Marvels coming up on eBay every now and again, and am tempted to go for it. I have Target, and am fairly confident at self-programming, but looks like the missing link would be a Roger Installer to transfer the liscence from the X to the Marvel (and I know I’d need 2 at some point). Does anyone know how I could get my hands on a Roger Installer as I can’t find any sellers online? Cheers, Bob

I’m wondering the same. Access to Work have given me a Roger X last year and would like to install it on to my M50 that I bought this year.

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Is the correct name for this device “ Roger Installer”?

Just took a quick look.

Q: How can a Roger receiver be installed into a Marvel hearing aid?

A: Installation of a Roger receiver into a Marvel hearing aid can be done using either:

  • the Roger X and the Roger Installer or
  • one of the Roger iN microphones

The new Roger X must have a serial number of 1744xxxx or greater to be compatible and installed into a Marvel hearing aid.

Here is the page from Phonakpro.

I had bought a Roger Installer and now I plan to sell it.

Hi there, what’s the cost for it.

Hi Menglxs - I’d definitely be interested - I’m not sure how much postage to the UK would be, but how much are you hoping to sell it on for? Cheers, Bob

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