Where to buy a Phone clip +

I recently obtained a pair of Resound verso 961’s. I would like to get a phone clip + for them. Are there rebranded versions of this I can buy at costco?

I have seen a few on ebay, but they do not say ‘+’. I am not sure if these are a different model that will not work with mine.


You can buy the phone clip + at Costco and it will work with your aids.

Costco has the Resound Phone CLip+ (not rebranded), and it should work fine.

If it doesn’t say “+” it is probably the original phone clip. I’ve had both, the + is much better.

What is the price of the Phone+ clip from Resound at Costco? Anyone know?

I can’t remember, over $200. Just call them.

$209.99 when I bought one today. At my store it’s a special order. Takes about a week to arrive.

It also took about a week for my first one to slip off my shirt and become forever lost. Beware the clip.