Where should I look for my lost hearing aid?

After 5 years, I have lost one of my hearing aids. I was hoping some of you might have some sage advice on where to look for it. The first place I looked was on the sofa, as I sometimes laying down will knock it loose. No luck. Any other suggestions? Where have you found your aid?

Check the sofa again and this time feel in the pocket along the whole coach, if you haven’t done it already. If not retrace you steps from the day you lost it. A friend of mine checked his sofa several times when his HA turned up missing and found it in the pocket or pouch of the sofa about two months after Costco had replaced the lost HA. I found mine in the backyard once, when I found it missing from my ear. Good luck!

I would carefully check laundry… both clothing and towels. I can pull a sweater off over my head and the HA goes with it. My old neighbor who wore hearing aids would wash her face at the sink and somehow lose her HA. Hope you find it!

Good suggestions. Thanks.

Losing a hearing aid in the yard would be the worst. I’m glad you found it, seb.

There should be an app for that, make them whistle. Course, without them in you can’t hear the whistle. Maybe with one in.


do you have a dog?

i believe that the MFI hearing aids have a locator app based on Bluetooth signal strength. Of course with the low energy signal it’s not going to have much range…

They also have a feature where it will pinpoint the last known location of the hearing aid on a map so if the battery goes dead, at least it will tell you the last place it checked in

Doc Jake’s question about having a dog is another good possibility if you have one, a good friend of mine has had at least three HA’s eaten by his dogs over the years(he’s a slow learner). So check fido’s calling card if you do have a dog, it might of been eaten.

My sister lost one of her HA by her cat - it ate it - cats and dogs are attracted by the ear wax smell. In her case she places her HA on the light stand at bedtime and her cat ate it during the night. HA should never be left out in the open when not in use. Put them in a dehumidifier container for safe keeping. They cost $5 - 6.00 at the local drug store.

ewwww! No, but never would have thought of that.

I called Costco to see if there is any app to find my aid. They said that none of their models allow that feature, even the ones they are currently selling. Seems like it may be a valuable feature to get next time.

Below dining room table?

did you look in your car? around the cushions, or between the front seats? My ears get tired at the end of the day and I sometimes pull mine out just leaving them hanging on the tops of my ears when I’m driving home. I hope someday I don’t forget to plug them back in before I get out of the car. A couple times I’ve layed them on a towel on the passenger seat, though I know this is probably not a good idea. Best of luck.

Yep, checked around the car seat. I haven’t been in my dining room lately. This is really a mystery. I’m sure as soon as I buy a new pair, it will show up.