Where’s my post gone?

I can’t seem to see my post in the DIY section anymore.

Can anyone else see it?

Phonak Tinnitus Feature? Yes.

Yes, I can’t see it.

Maybe clear cache and site cookies? Different browser? Incognito/privacy mode? I can see it.

The whole DIY section has disappeared on my iPhone, iPod and laptop.

Things have definitely changed. I can still find it if I use the Category selection drop down in the upper left corner. I don’t see it other places to select category.

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I’m only using an Android phone right now but DIY doesn’t show up for me in the Categories list . Will try a PC.

On a PC running Chromium-based MS Edge, DIY does show up in the dropdown at the top left as MDB mentioned in Categories just below Online Sellers. That’s something that’s changed, too, as “Online Sellers” doesn’t show up on my Android phone. Instead “Classified” does.

Try this

Thanks. I guess for a Category view like that, you can’t Bookmark the whole shebang within the site software setup. You can only bookmark individual posts?

I decided to try the Collections tool in MS Chromium-based Edge browser. Created a Collection for Hearing Tracker and added the page view that cvkemp provided. Although one could say “What’s the diff between a hierarchical collection of browser bookmarks and a collection?!,” the collection schema is more BIG thumbnails of web pages along with a fair amount of the page title text.

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I just searched the catatories list for DIY

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I see. :+1: You mean "click on the Categories dropdown in the upper left. Then enter “DIY” in the Search box that appears just below the dropdown. And suddenly, the DIY category, not easy to find, is there.



By clicking that “All Categories” a list will come up. Scroll down that list to find DIY.