Where is Doc_Jake


He could sort out the girly men with thin skins that’s for sure. He usually had a valid point underlying his smart ass remarks but there were times when he was just being a prick.

I thoroughly enjoyed when he and KenP got into it. There were some classic one liners like the one cited above.


I didn’t have many cross words with him, but I don’t really do the ‘suffering fools’ thing either TBH. I guess he was as stubborn as me in most other respects. Unfortunately this media leads to secondary interpretation, especially if you’re running a bit of a chip on the shoulder.


Too bad he got banned before I got to tell him my VA porcupine joke:

  1. What’s the difference between a VA Audiologist office and a porcupine?
  2. The porcupine has the pricks on the outside.



Have they launched the Citroen C4 ‘Cactus’ in the US yet…?.. Fill in your own blanks…

This joke comes to you by virtue of me missing the UK Marvel launch and 12YO Bowmore…


Well, I didn’t get the Citroen C4 Cactus humor?? But judging from the hour in the UK, and the reference to a 12yo single malt (yum), I’m guessing it’s happy time somewhere else other than here.


The only type of cactus with the pricks on the inside…


Usually, I have heard this one in relation to BMW car drivers.


I guess you would just have to understand Veterans and the VA System to understand him. I am sure in his career with the VA he put up with more than his share of crap. Myself I enjoyed some of his conservatives and suggests.