Where is Doc_Jake


I’ve been in absentia for almost three years. Where is Doc_Jake? Anybody know?


I’m not sure if he had made the transition to the new site.
He had a tendency to not play nice with others - seemingly unprovoked. He had been banned on multiple occasions therefore.
I’ve only been here 1.5 years or so so that’s iirc.


Thanks. Yeah he was cantankerous and knotted the panties of some with delicate constitutions but I liked him. Hope he is well.


In a place of learning and sharing no one needs or wants cantankerous and knotted panties as replies to their posts for no other reason other than to be intentionally cantankerous. It’s unwelcome and anti-social.
But that’s just me with the delicate constitution. :roll_eyes:


Oh IIRC I took a shot or two but still found him entertaining. And for those that didn’t he was easily ignored. People take themselves too seriously. Then my constitution is less delicate evidently. :sunglasses:


Oh I ignored him. As I’m sure people here do me. It takes all kinds.
It’s not about being taken seriously. It’s about not having verbal abuse hurled at you for seemingly no reason.


Heh. Well he usually had a reason which is why folks found him offensive. Still I hope he is OK




Oh, I move the list to here;

LIST of Doc Jake Aliases (with approximate dates):

  1. Oct-2011 - Dec-2012 Mick_Shu
  2. Apr-2012 - Jun-2012 IMBack
  3. Feb-2013 - Apr-2013 Uncle_Larry
  4. Jun-2012 - Oct-2017 Doc Jake
  5. Oct-2017 - Sep-2017 5713e124fa1db92173d3


On the uses of aliases, etc., just an observation. I’m a member of a Microsoft site that forces you to use your true identity to join. It’s amazing the moderating effect that using one’s actual real identity has on the civility of site interactions. People still post VERY strong opinions about things but in my year and a half experience on the site, folks have been incredibly civil in interacting with each other and with the site hosts. Although perhaps one can say that when Microsoft is in charge of the software that runs on whatever device, that may have a very strong moderating influence, too! But I think the ability to hide one’s identity sometimes encourages people to let their alter egos run wild. I always use my identity for whatever site I join but since there are a zillion “jim lewis’s” in the world, that’s not really revealing much. But when you think about some of the darkness on the Internet overall, the ability to hide one’s identity probably has a lot to do with why the Internet is still quite a bit the Wild West. There are freedom of speech, privacy issues, and all that so I have no idea what sort of answer would really work. It will always be argued that using true identity makes tyranny easier and that’s why we all need to operate on aliases or for similar reasons for the effect on employment and other social interactions, etc., based on what you might want to express “privately” on a website, etc.


Except for certain politically correct forums where some opinions directed at vindictive SJWs, which shouldn’t be the case here, could cost someone their job, using an alias to speak your mind is simply cowardice.


I try to avoid using the term SJW, as it makes one look like an MRA.


Yeah I miss DJ I always found his posts to be pretty entertaining


Is that worse than being a member of the SOE?


Maybe age has just gotten the better of Doc Jake?! Someday we’re all going to disappear for that reason, if nothing else.


I think he got banned by IP address and maybe he just gave up with posting after that.

Or maybe not being able to call someone an ahole when they really deserved it kinda took the fun out of it for him :rofl:


I think this was the skirmish that got Jake banned. I think the other guy got banned too. You can judge for yourself who was in the wrong. I don’t think it was Jake. But that’s just my opinion.


Yeah, but then he came back (in that same thread) to say
“Ole Doc Jake was a real dick wasn’t he Kenny?”


Also, just skimming through the thread Doc Jake was giving reasonably helpful replies with a bit of an edge or some relatively modest sarcasm, e…g, “HA’s are not going to drop from the sky” or “maybe your wife really mumbles, who knows?” when the OP really flamed him:


Their were other response of his in other threads that were pretty negative–beyond sarcasm. He was pretty knowledgable, especially on VA matters, but if ever challenged would either ignore or get nasty, at least in my perception.