Where do people keep their spare hearing aids?

Am just wondering where people keep their spare hearing aids?

I’m thinking about keeping my spare hearing aids in my Dry & Store Zephyr but not sure if that’s a good idea.

Will be curious to hear other people’s responses.

I don’t have spares, but if I did I’d likely keep them in the little hard case they came in. I would make sure they were clean and dry before I put them away for storage.

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Keep mine in their original hard/soft container in a dresser drawer. Checked one out from the late 80’s not too long ago just out of curiosity. Still worked, and it sure gives you one hell of a perspective on how things have changed over the years.

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Keep mine in an EBay auction or Buy-It-Now where it magically gets converted into $cash$.

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I’m guessing from your audiogram that you’re like me and doing without the hearing aids isn’t a crisis. I’m thinking that if one has a more severe loss, having backups may be more than a nicety.

Backups - PLURAL - are an absolute necessity for me! I don’t carry them in my purse, but if I travel anywhere away from home for a day, at least one spare pair is in my purse.

While at home, my spares are sometimes kept in the Dry 'n Store unit, and sometimes in their original travel case in a dresser drawer. I actually have 2 backup pairs, plus the new Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids.

I wear the OLDEST pair when getting my hair cut & colored. They are ITEs, so no hair dye would likely get on them. When my hair is washed out, I remove the aids and put swimmer’s ear plugs in. It’s just critical that I get NO water in the ear canal.

I guess that pretty much covers all the scenarios …


Having a backup set is a very good idea. If you have to send your primary in for repair, you would be toast for a week or two.

Best place to keep them is inside your dehumidifier.

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I keep my in the Dry N Store.


Back in England on the NHS I was never allowed to keep older set with each upgrade we had to give those back (which sucked if newer one broke) as ment no backups. I was allowed to keep old moulds as a just in case I didn’t like new moulds.

Once I get my new hearing aid set hopfully around January/February next year these will be put in the box they came with and stored in my personal drawer as a emergency set I will also be getting extra moulds as a just in case measure.

My “spare” set are rechargeable, so I keep them in the charger base unit that I keep at work. Rushing to get to work, sometimes I get there and realize when people start talking that I left my HAs at home in the dry-box. My “spare” set is an older set of Siemens Pure 700 RICs that I had repaired due to sweat damage. They are not the least bit water or sweat resistant, so I only use them at the office. The rest of the time I’m wearing my newer Aquaris water proof HAs. Both sets are programmed pretty much the same, so switching from one to the other is not a compromise. Nice to have a fully functional backup system!

Do your rechargables not overcharge with being left in the charger?

If @moccasin has the same Siemens charger as mine, it is essentially a timed charge cycle. You have to open and close the lid to reset the charge cycle. The only way you could potentially overcharge the battery would be to open and close the lid every 6 hours. There are LEDs on the unit. They flash green when charging, solid green when charged; flashing red or solid red meant there was a problem.

Would LOVE to know how you like your waterproof Aquaris aids!!! How long have you had them, are they still sold on the market? You don’t post an audiogram, but I wonder if someone with my loss could use a pair of them for the many water sports I love - but hesitate to do now cuz I simply can’t afford to soak a pair of expensive aids! DO TELL.

It sounds like you have BTE aids with the mold being separate - and therefore usable with any other BTE aid it could connect to. Geez, I’d simply have to BUY a spare pair of aids to keep in case of emergency! I think that with just about any hearing loss where a person needs to wear aids they should be allowed to keep the old pair as backups. To take them back as a trade-in completely ignores the fact that these aids are essential for our health & safety!

Your experience epitomizes the nameless, faceless bureaucracy that folks have to deal with to have their total health needs met. Sigh.

Yes I do have BTEs with attaching moulds! And having to trade in with upgrades was a pain. So glad I won’t have that issue here in the states anymore I will be keeping all gearing aids as they get replaced/upgraded wohoo.

^^^^ That is VERY good news indeed! Soon you’ll have a collection like mine: 3 pairs and counting.

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I don’t think the Aquaris is still on the market. If it is, they aren’t promoting it and your audi would have to ask for it.
Mine is a love/hate relationship with the Aquaris. I LOVE that they are almost completely care free, and I don’t have to worry daily about sweat drenching them. My daily activities at home and at work put me into heavy sweat events with very little notice. I don’t use them for watersports because when I’m swimming or kayaking, I don’t need to hear so much. I am bald, so there’s nothing to wick the sweat off my head as it runs down into my eyes and onto my ears, so for me, these are a must have.
On the down side, I don’t hear as clearly with the Aquaris. I don’t know whether there’s a difference in the way it is programed compared to my Siemens Pure 700s, (which were programmed by a different audiologist) or whether the slight muffled effect is due to the membranes over the microphones. At work, when I need to clearly hear soft, quiet voiced clients, I excuse myself long enough to change hearing aids, but all other times, I’m wearing the Aquaris.
I don’t display my audiogram because I’ve never been given the results. I’ve asked twice, but don’t want to push the issue because I don’t want my audiologist to think I’m out shopping. I’ve told her why I wanted it, but so far it’s never surfaced. My haring loss is in the “Moderate” range. Significant general loss in the left ear and specific tone losses in the right ear.
I think most hearing aids now days are coated with water resistant “nano” coating, which I’m sure helps reduce the demand for actual submersible hearing aids, but I hate to see the Aquaris go offline. I’ll be back to stressing over sweat damage when these finally play out. :frowning:

^^^^ I totally HEAR ya on this issue. My hearing is SO bad that any kind of water sport is a toss-up between safety and complete avoidance. At our local pool, if swimming alone, I always let the lifeguard know I’m deafer than the foam tube s/he’ll have to BONK me on the head with if there’s a need to communicate. And believe me, there have been times when they need me to change lanes or get out of the pool.

It’s just not as fun to kayak, snorkel or swim in open water with ZERO hearing and ZERO ability to understand one word if aimed at me. It’s almost like being “locked in” if you know what I mean: able to see but NOT hear.

I definitely think it’s the membrane on those Aquaris aids that was the problem - and likely a HUGE reason for their not being on the market today. Even so, for ME, I’d buy a pair just to have even a modicum of crappy hearing on the water.

You’ve got a real challenge if you require waterproofed aids … none of the current manufacturers seem to know there is a genuine market for such a device. I have a much easier time with water/aids issues, which crop up only at the hair stylists. I wear a pair of OLD aids during the whole procedure except for washing out the color. No way can any water get near a non-waterproofed pair of aids. So I give a big warning: “GOING DOWN!” and remove my aids for that step.

About your audiogram, not to nag on the issue, but you could tell your audi that you are active on a message board where we all discuss hearing issues & technology, and as part of our unique “handle” we include our audiogram. :slight_smile: