Where do I start?

Hi, I purchased OticonMore ones from my eBay seller, who set me up with Noah link wireless and Oticon software. I got into my hearing aids and saved original programming so as not to tamper it with it.

My question here is if there is an online guide that anyone can recommend I take a look at to get familiar with fitting basics? I am starting at the very beginning but I’m looking forward to learning. Tyvm.

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Here’s a permanent link to Hearing Aid Fitting - DIY School; https://tinyurl.com/mvx7p6rw

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Thank you. I’ll check it out!

Hmm; I think the OP already has knowledge of the programming basics and is instead looking for fitting basics. Though, I could be wrong. Fitting is different for different hearing losses and is dependent on what specific improvement/s you are seeking.

btw> I don’t participate in fitting discussions because I have a full plate just trying to cover DIY programming basics.

That’s correct. Thank you. I already have the programming devices set up. I just want to be able to fit my own device. i’m already connected, I just don’t want to screw up too badly as i tinker. LOL. any direction to learning resources would be appreciated.

A lot of info to sift through here,

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