Where do I post my Audiogram

How or where do I post my audiogram? Can’t seem to find the link

Detailed instructions here.

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Here is link to some instructions

Thanks. I’ll check it out

Are these instructions still functioning? I’ve spent a couple of hours now trying to do this, but I’m hitting a wall. Help!

Click your icon in the upper right
Click on the little preferences gear icon in the upper right.
Click on Expand in the upper right.
Click on Hearing Tracker Profile in the upper middle-ish area.
Click on Add My Audiogram below the chart.
Here you can double click to place.
Be sure to choose right or left ear in the lower right to move or place an o or x.
The minimum required is .5, 1, 2 and 4 KHz.
Blue = X = left
Red = O = right
For these purposes you only need to find the x’s and o’s.
Moving and placing the x’s and o’s around can be a little finicky so if you’d prefer, click on Manual Entry on the left side.

I have made numerous attempts to do this, but every time I click on the Hearing Tracker Profile link it sends me to a page that says “User has not provided any information here.”, with no clickable links. On my preferences page there is nothing that I can find that says Add My Audiogram. Thanks.

Try this instead. The graphic method seems to be non-functioning.

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That did it! Where on the website did that link come from? Is there a menu of options like that that I have missed somewhere? Anyway, Thanks for your help.

I picked up the link quite a while ago from the graphic method where it had a link to Manual Entry that went to that screen. It was brought up a week or so ago as well and I tagged rasmus (one of the admins) to maybe add it as a link on that profile page. Lower priority I guess.

Sorry we are working on getting it fixed :wink:

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