Where do I go from here? ( Phonak Paradise)

I’ve been wearing the Paradise for the last 2 years or so. It just started to act out and I need to send it in for repair ( the sound dimms after a few minutes of wear and it’s like not wearing anything…not sure what the issue could be, if anyone has any suggestion…)

But I’ve been thinking what’s should be next for me?
Looking around it seems that not much new tech has appears in the last 2 years. I heard that Phonak Lumity is an improvement over Paradise but usually just one gen doesnt change that much and it’s not yet available with my audi.
Do you have any other recommendations for my type of hearing loss?

My feeling is one of hopelessness now, even if the Paradise is good and I have a rogermic there are countless situations in which I don’t hear that well and limits me a lot.
My audi suggested I try the Phonak Naida, which seems to be for profound hearing loss and eventually I might go that route but I’m wondering if maybe a different brand won’t serve me better.

Any advice appreciated :slight_smile:

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If you haven’t tried replacing the receivers, that would be a first thing to look at, and not extremely expensive, although you should still be in warranty.


Unclear if you’ve sent them in for repair or thinking about it. To me that’s a priority to have the aids looked at by your audiologist (maybe just needs a receiver replacement which they can do in office) If needs sent in, they’ll likely send you a brand new hearing aid.
Questions to be able to offer better answers: 1) Do you wear one aid or two? 2)What are your word recognition scores? (percent and volume in dB tested)

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I haven’t yet sent them. I will try to look at this receiver issue but given that the sound dies on me when listening to spotify or even when the partnerMIC is on ( so that’s a separate receiver as far as I understand it…) it kind of tells me that this is a deeper issue.

I don’t have those scores on hand, it’s not a very common test here but I remember doing smth like that a while back and my “understanding” of sound was lower than expected based on my audiogram
( the test was someone spelling out words for me and me repeating it, if that’s what you refer to? ).
I am deaf in one ear so I only wear one aid.

Thank you for the questions and suggestions!

I doubt it is receiver either, but the first step is to have somebody look at them (who can send them if necessary. Word recognition test involves listening to a recorded list of words and you attempting to repeat. If it’s low, a cochlear implant MIGHT be the best option.

Thank you.
I was tested for CI but recommended to continue with aids for now. I am honestly a bit scared of the CI option…having only one ear that can be CIed, if something goes wrong I’ll be 100% deaf. Right now with hearing aid + PartnerMIC at times I feel my hearing is quite OK. But obviously not perfect…I am not sure what to expect from an implant though I have friends who have one. I am thinking to go to another evaluation.

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@ sickbay, I found this post and Im very interested. I have the same hearing aids. I hope the answers here help you. They’re certainly helping me.


I’ve never listened to a recorded list of words during a word recognition test.
The 4 audiologists I’ve had have all read the list to me. I’ve used hearing aids for 20 years.

My issue is Paradise Audeo P90’s is word recognition. Why do other audiologists use a recorded message?


They use a recorded list for consistency. Having the list read to you is not considered reliable.


cool! please keep me in mind if you ever get to try the new phonak lumity and see a noticeable improvement in word recognition. That is a good question that I can’t find any answer so far…maybe @MDB has any insight?

Thank you!

Hi. I’m a hearing technician, and I think the hearing aid has to replace the microphone if the sound it’s like a whisper or like it rain.

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Yes, most likely! I’ll send it for service on Monday :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.

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Thank you. Perhaps that is a fatal flaw in my hearing aid setup. And the reason it takes so long to make improvements.

@sickbay thanks for asking your question. I’m very grateful.


From my understanding, accurate word recognition scores don’t really aid in fitting the hearing aid, but they give you an idea of how much the aids can help. Lower scores are kind of a reality check to not expect too much from hearing aids and anything under 60% should prompt to consider thinking about cochlear implants.

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In quiet, any well fit hearing aid should provide comparable word recognition. In noise is a whole other ballgame.


When you decide to try some new hearing aids be sure to go to an audiologist that can give you several brand choices.