Where can I purchase a new Signia easyTek online?

My easytek is failing. What is the current price for it?
Can you recommend a safe place to buy it online?


I suspect you won’t do much better than this: Signia easyTek™ | Hearing Aid Accessories | HearStore
I saw somewhat cheaper on ebay for used, but these things don’t have the best reliability. Amazon was even pricier. How soon before you’re considering new hearing aids? If at all soon, I’d skip replacing it and put money into hearing aids.

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How long have you had it?

I have one I will give you. Email me.



Just a question about EasyTek: If I’m not understanding speech well with my Signia hearing aids, will the EasyTek help with that? I have a feeling that it won’t, as my hearing specialist hasn’t advised me to get one. The ENT doc says I need CI’s.

CI is a decent idea. EasyTek allows you to stream to your hearing aids. It cuts down on noise, but other than that is not going to make your hearing better. Cutting down on noise is important, but I suspect you need more than that.

MBD Thank you! I was thinking that might be the case.

I use an easytek with a bluetooth mic that I have the other person clip on. I can hear amazingly well once you adapt to a slight reverb due to BT delay. I don’t notice it any longer. Added benefit is linking your phone to the easytek by BT. Again, I can hear as well as I would ever need to on the phone with this setup. Same with linking to computer by BT.

Of course, the mic solution doesn’t help in general, just in conversation with one person or listening to a public speaker, etc.

That said, some of the newer aids can do this without the intermediate device. I have Resound Prezas at my Costco waiting for me to pick up. With a newer Samsung, Pixel, or iphone, the link is direct.