Where can I find the link to download new Phonak Target software?

Hello everybody, I am new here. I currently have Phonak Naidia V50 and Phonak Naidia S III. I have difficult time to find Phonak Target 6.0.2 or new and also maybe old software for my old Naidia hearing aid too. I couldn’t find the one. Maybe anyone knows and let me know. My aunt recently retired from audiology few years ago so I am not really looking forward to pay too much fee for programming. I already studied and know how to use it. I just have to save my program there and work little bit on my program by basic tuning. I can get Phonak iCube II and USB dongle but hopefully someone can help me to get software for free. Let me know, thanks.

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Hi. Did you ever manage to get hold of a copy of target fitting software?