Where can I buy a Phonak Icom...?

Hi everyone,

I am getting a new set of hearing aids (Phonak Naida V) and I heard alot of great reviews on the Phonak Icom. I want to get the Phonak Icom yet, I don’t know where or who sells them:confused:. I am Southern California so any place that carries them whether they are in California or here in the U.S. would be helpful…


Your hearing service provider should be able to order you one.

Actually, you want to get it from your audi so he/she can set the Bluetooth and Streaming Audio programs in your aids to meet your hearing needs.

Thank you for the good tips…:wink:

Yes, you can purchase them elsewhere, but your local Audi must program the Icom (perform the grouping) for the Icom, thus it would be best to purchase it locally.

Recently I have had several emails from all over the world asking for iComs and myPilots without hearing aids.

Is there a world shortage or something?

There seems to be a backog in the US. Whenever their ordered here, it seems to take several months before they are delivered.

Dear All,

Just FYI, I’ve just added icom, myPilot & Click n Talk to my online shop.


or www.clickhearing.com

I’d be pleased to get your feedback on the site.


Prices seam really high for the Mypilot etc.

I don’t know about that … Ben’s MyPilot and iCom is less expensive than my audi and some other on-line US retailers.

Hey Ben, could you sell the iCube in your store, or if not listed in your catalog could we purchase one thruogh your store? :slight_smile:

I’ll sell you the mypilot for 110 pounds!

How much would you sell me and iCube for??? :slight_smile:

Happy to be guided to other online suppliers for the stuff on my site folks; I want to be competitive.
I don’t normally sell equipment online, but like Richard, I’ve had quite a few requests.

Regarding the iCube, I’m afraid that i’m reluctant to sell hardware that’s used to programme HA’s, outside of the industry.

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Same Queston.

I would like to get an Icube becasue I decided to get Phonak Smart aids.

Anyone knows where I can buy that?

Okay U.K. dispensers, where do you buy batteries in the U.K.? I have walked all over London looking for them and have never found them in the drug stores or grocery stores, etc.

The iCom is a love-and-hate experience. Make sure you read all reviews, here is mine
Are the iCom, TEK, and Streamer devices just big rip-offs?