Where are most hearing aids made?

China, Taiwan, Thailand?
Just wondering.

The components are made all of the world, from Switzerland, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, China, and the US, to name a few.

Most major manufacturers in the US put the products together here in the US, mostly in the Minneapolis, MN area. A few are also in Chicago and some in NJ.

many hearing aids are now made in china
specifically XIAMEN, resound, siemens and Phonak (i believe some production only) so you could technically say that @ least 25% aids are made in china.

Interesting point, new chinese companies lisound and some others are going to come out with very agressive pricing (less than 100 dollars digital aid - wholesale)

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That’s correct…they are branded Swiss etc but most manufacturers are now based in China.

I can totally see a chinese company in the future making it big
in the hearing aid market… Their prices are crazy…
It wont be long till they start develop quality products…

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